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The Confront Zone

“If we’re growing, we are always going to be out of our comfort zone.”
John Maxwell 

Recently, I was challenged to subscribe to magazines of which I typically wouldn’t subscribe … that reading about topics, cultures and interests different what is naturally familiar to me would stretch my mind and make me more valuable to my clients, personal growth, family and friends.  And, what makes great advice better??  Frugal options!!!  So, I went to one of my favorite places:


  • is not only a GREAT resource for gifts … but, a frugal pick for expanding your comfort zone and redefining your daily growth.  (So, I logged into my account and began searching for magazines that would interest me, but that were different than I would typically select from the grocery store newsstand.)
  • To see some of my SUMMER READING picks, visit my board on Pinterest.

“A ship in a harbor is safe — but, that is not what a ship is built for.”

So, this summer … not only am I blocking off calendar time to read my way into unfamiliar territory, but I also intend to do the same thing with books.


  • My local library has a great selection of books on CD (although, I had to find a CD player).
  • My public library also has a virtual library where I can check out magazines and audio books!!

“We cannot become what we want to be by remaining what we are.”
Max DePree 

Search … go for it!  Abandon the familiar and confront the unknown — you’ll never know what’s been waiting for you on the other side of your comfort zone!!


SHARE WITH ME!!!  What do you do to confront the unknown in your world?

Unfamiliar with DiscountMags?
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the non-biscuit

Tuesday, I wrote about knowing your product… and my “non-waffle”.

Well, just for fun on this #foodiefriday, I thought I’d return to my blogging roots [“sweet! no wheat” bakery & blog] and share my most recent, frugal breakfast.  And, this is so good…

darla’s non-biscuit recipe


1-pkg Martha White GF Biscuit Mix

1/2 cup milk or almond milk

1 egg

2 TBSP Grape Seed oil

3 TBSP All-Fruit or jam

3 TBSP Maple Syrup



Stir biscuit, milk and egg together.

Heat waffle iron and add 1-TBSP of oil.

Add 1/2 the batter, bake and repeat with left-over batter.

Add all-fruit and syrup into microwavable bowl, combine, warm (about 30 seconds) and stir.

Top non-biscuit with desired amount of butter and top with all-fruit syrup.


This is not an affiliate link nor was I compensated for any recognized products.  The Sweet Dreams by Darla is currently being worked on: however, you can visit me on Facebook for additional recipes that are sweet, no wheat!

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Frugalship. It’s BOGO time!


I LOVE the word “FREE” – even the acronym “BOGO” is a sweet sound to my frugalship ears… and my kid’s ears!

You should have seen the excitement on my kid’s faces when I told them we were going to Starbucks after school this afternoon.  BOGO TIME!  Everyone looked up their “secret recipe” and we stood in line.  (Lots of other people like BOGO too!)

Standing in line gave me a couple minutes to stare up at the celebratory holiday poster.  Although I wished it look more like Thanksgiving than Christmas, I started to question the text message I read earlier this morning.

So, before ordering I asked, “Can you get any drinks buy-one-get-one-free?”  The barista replied, “No, just holiday drinks.”  WHAT?  I thought they were celebrating the coming holidays… not the “holiday drinks”!!  Oh, no!  Well, BOGO is BOGO.  I asked the kids to re-pick a drink, this time only from the “red menu” and I enjoyed my Peppermint Mocha very much.

Why is this my #FrugalshipFriday post?

  1. Thank you Starbucks for special days more special!
  2. I’ve come to realize that I am REALLY good at reading the part of a sale description – the part I want to read.   a. It is a good thing I was with my kids, not meeting a client!  b. Well, going back and looking at their website and other ads, yes, it clearly states, “BOGO Holiday Drinks” and most articles even list the drinks that qualify for the special.  It would be easier if I read the whole ad, text or post!
  3. This is a great reminder that visual communication is VITAL to everyday communication, promos… especially holiday promos.  Everyone has their own perception and idea of what you mean – sometimes before they stop to see or hear what you are communicating.  So, stick with your brand, make your message simple and make it something your customers want to go out of their way to get.

That’s my #FrugalshipFriday – even though I’m writing this Thursday night.

Happy Frugalship!!



What did I learn from my afternoon stop at Starbucks? #BOGO #FrugalshipFriday @Frugalship  @SocialMarketLLC 

Tis the season… well, Thanksgiving. #Starbucks #FrugalshipFriday @Frugalship @SocialMarketLLC



All drinks were enjoyed in the purchases made today.  I do not represent Starbucks or am I endorsed by them to write this post.  FYI:  Starbucks makes the Caramel Apple Spice all year-round, so it doesn’t count as a “Holiday drink” (at least at the Starbucks I went to).  I wanted to get my Fall on!!  Well, maybe I’ll try THIS recipe from My Frugal Adventures.  Thanks, for sharing Charlene!

CC photo via Flickr.


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Frugalship. It’s not just for Fridays!


…this is not a decision we only make on Fridays.  We choose every day whether or not to be frugal.  Consciously or subconsciously.  Personally and professionally.  And, in almost every area of life.

Daily, we make the decision not to be frugal with our time or how to use our time wisely.  On a daily basis, we make numerous decisions whether or not to be frugal with our money.

Have you been following my October #FrugalshipFriday posts?  If not, you can START HERE.  If so, here are my conclusions to my decisions as a consumer and how my experiences at CVS have effected me as an entrepreneur:


  • I tried products I may not have tried, if it weren’t for the sales – and some are still favorites.
  • On the bright-side, it has made my organizing and planning much easier… a lot less paper to hold on to and expiration dates to keep up with.
  •  It was great while it lasted.


  • The trust I put in the store, to save my family money, was affected by inconsistent changes to policies and within like stores (even before they changed the expired policy all together).
  • Selfishly, it isn’t as easily-available for me [the consumer] to save money like I had been when I had more combinations and choices for saving during sales.
  • It was great while it lasted.


  • By making certain products more affordable (by matching sales and coupons), CVS helped encourage consumers to by products, which benefited the vendors which which they work.
  • The time I spent couponing at CVS allowed me to be familiar with their store, their apps, employees and ExtraCare reward system.  So, I am still comfortable and accustomed to using their app and ExtraBucks.
  • I  think CVS made smart decisions by embedding the lure for couponers into their marketing.  2 for 1 — great business strategy.


  • As I understand, when CVS was taking expired coupons, manufacturers were not accepting them?  (That’s how a manager explained it to me.)  CVS was having to cover the expense for the customer’s savings.
  • With extended use of expired coupons, the use of in-store sales and in-store printed coupons, CVS got the attention of customers working to save money.  The con?  Now that they have changed their policies, I’m thinking it would be smart to attract consistent customers or work to find a new audience!  Either way, I’m interested to see if changing the policy was the best business decision…



As business owner or contractor, is the compromise of time worth in exchange for anticipating frugalship?

For your business, is financial #frugalship worth the sacrifice of time? @Frugalship @SocialMarketLLC


What steps are you taking to insure the decision of #frugalship reflects your values?

Do you value your time and don’t have time to invest in your social media content? #SocialMarket

(Posts about my experiences at CVS are only meant to be a personal “case study” of  frugalship of a beginner business strategist.  My observations and opinions are expressed personally, not to support or negatively reflect on a product and/or business.  For the record, I do still shop at CVS, just not as often or with as many coupons.  Also, yes… my spell check told me that “couponing” and “couponers” are not words… it was my prerogative to use them anyway.)

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Money vs Time

…is the compromise of time worth in exchange for anticipating frugalship?

Well, although many of my trips to CVS would take several hours to organize, this was often the equation of return on my investment of time?

store sale + store coupon + manufacturer coupon = frugalship

Here’s my story:

When I started my frugal shopping at CVS, I was staying home with young children.  I would use my trips to off-set household expenses.  Wanting to spend time with my children, I was trading [not working outside the home] time, with at-home time [making lists and clipping coupons] in an attempt to save money.

Several years ago, manufacturer coupons could be used that were up to 2-years expired!!  However, over the last several years, I’d plan my frugal-shopping trips and be told that the coupon regulations had changed.  But, then find at other locations that their policies were still the same.

Slowly, at inconsistent intervals, printed coupon expiration policies moved to one-year, six-month, one-month, one-week and now … NO experienced store or manufacturer coupons.

Do I still frequent CVS?  Well, honestly?  No.  Maybe it was the thrill of frugalship that kept me going each week.  But, I think it is a tiredness of changing policies… trading my time for saving may not be the I continue to make it worth the trade.

What are your thoughts??  Share with me below.

And, to read my conclusions of compromising time in exchange for money, CLICK HERE next week or sign up to get my posts by email!

Happy #frugalship!



In what areas of your business are you willing to trade time for money, or money for time? #FrugalshipFriday @SocialMarketLLC

Don’t trade time you need to build your business creating social media content! Darla can save you time, money & improve your #SocialMarket.

(This post is not affiliated with CVS… just some random thoughts from a Imbedded Mogul, learning the business of business. However, if you have a company that would like a product or service reviewed on my blog, EMAIL ME!  I will soon be accepting applications for advertising on my blog and Twitter page.)



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Time vs Money

Over the last several years, I have stocked our family linen closet with shampoos, conditioners, toothpaste, toothbrushes, make-up and styling products for dimes.

The question still remains a teeter-totter of thought:  Is the compromise of time worth in exchange for anticipating frugalship?



Do you value your time and don’t have time to invest in your social media content? #SocialMarket

100% back guarantees still exist? Yep! @CVS_exta #savemoney #frugalshipfriday @SocialMarketLLC @Frugalship


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I’m convinced that there are very few products you can’t buy without coupons.  This “theory” then presented a query…

Do I spend my time to save money or make money so I can save time?

Being frugal isn’t so much a passing thought, it’s a way of living, purchasing with intention and investing purposefully.  With four children, my husband and I often talk about the best use of money… and time.  We often debate:

  1. Do I spend too much time trying to save money?
  2. Am I spending too much time working, that  I end up spending excess money for no reason?

You may find yourself in one of these two camps; as well as ignoring the subject all together, ending up spending too much time and too money and not much to show for either.  Especially if  you are managing a personal household budget and business accounts, being frugal and smart with your resources really has to be an intentional choice.

To start, you must ask yourself:  Which do I value more? Time or money.  Let me frugal-shop for you, so you can frugal-ship!!!

Happy Frugalship!!


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TWEET: #frugalshhip is a way of living, purchasing with intention and investing purposefully. @socialmarketllc