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I’m convinced that there are very few products you can’t buy without coupons.  This “theory” then presented a query…

Do I spend my time to save money or make money so I can save time?

Being frugal isn’t so much a passing thought, it’s a way of living, purchasing with intention and investing purposefully.  With four children, my husband and I often talk about the best use of money… and time.  We often debate:

  1. Do I spend too much time trying to save money?
  2. Am I spending too much time working, that  I end up spending excess money for no reason?

You may find yourself in one of these two camps; as well as ignoring the subject all together, ending up spending too much time and too money and not much to show for either.  Especially if  you are managing a personal household budget and business accounts, being frugal and smart with your resources really has to be an intentional choice.

To start, you must ask yourself:  Which do I value more? Time or money.  Let me frugal-shop for you, so you can frugal-ship!!!

Happy Frugalship!!


TWEET:  People still like saving a buck and having an extra hour in the day. That’s #frugalship! @frugalship @socialmarketllc

TWEET: #frugalshhip is a way of living, purchasing with intention and investing purposefully. @socialmarketllc


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