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Tips to Build Your Email List

I came across a set of podcasts that I am really excited about … Jess Catorc.  As the founder of DIY Website Academy and the host of Making The Entrepreneur podcast, Jess shares her inspiration and actionable strategies for creating a successful, soul-based business with entrepreneurs everywhere to help conquer tech fears, create effective websites and master personal branding.

On this Thursday Podcast, I wanted to share this interview Jess recorded with online entrepreneur’s’ “yes girl”…

Amy Porterfield

Well, now I have a lot of work to do — starting with creating my freebies. What was your favorite takeaway from this podcast?  Share with me!!

The Social Market

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Privilege of Becoming

Nothing beats loving and accepting who you are!



Love it! Thanks, Charique Turner Richardson. I’m very overwhelmed and needed some encouragement this morning.


I’m so glad this encouraged you. I was there recently and I found that on most occasions, we need to get out of our own heads so we can eliminate the source of the overwhelm.

I do the following to fight overwhelm:

  1. Taking a 2-3 deep breaths (in the nose and out the mouth) relax my muscles with each exhale)
  2. Repeat a scripture or motivational quote to help me focus on what has me overwhelmed
  3. I imagine myself releasing the problem so I can make room for what brings me joy. I hope this for you – this too shall pass!

What do you in the process of becoming?  Share with me.


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Be Original

“Entrepreneurs cannot be someone else or do what someone else is doing.”  Darla D Hancock, The Social Market LLC

Your business, skills, product or service may not be original, but YOU ARE!

When developing a business, an idea, an interest, an insight, a talent, a business plan, a product, a service, a hobby, progress is dependent on your willingness to invest in your originality.  You invest passion, talent and time that are all original to you; often sacrificing your career, your friends, your family and your intellectual property.  Investing in all those things seems like a lively and lovely venture… until you share it with the world.

Originality seems novel, until shared.

Entrepreneurship is often a lonely journey… on purpose and out of necessity.  You become your best cheerleader or worst critic, sometimes at the same time.

That is why participating in a course like Start Smart is so beneficial.  If you are lucky, you can find yourself in an environment where everyone has completely different passions, interests and abilities.  It’s great to be reminded that there is room for each entrepreneur to pursue individual interests and enough clients or customers to use our services or buy products.

However, despite the level of diversity, I think sharing your passion can be the most intimidating of opening your business to the outside world.  Even if you stand behind your concept and commitment to following through, your investment of time, energy, money and your originality is exposed.  I’m not sure which is more worrisome- someone “taking” your idea/business or it not working.

Entrepreneurship is personal.  The opportunities available to you are grounded in the diverseness of your interests, talents, backgrounds, industries and hope of the possibility of reaching the impossible.

Fellow mogul, use common sense, respect direction, be willing to learn and change, invest in your dreams, embrace your originality and… be the original you who started what will end up being great.


This post is the first of my ACROSTIC-MOGUL series?  To read more —> CLICK HERE


“Originality seems novel, until shared.”  Darla #beorginal #intellectualproperty @SocialMarketLLC

“Entrepreneurs cannot be someone else or do what someone else is doing.” Darla #beoriginal @SocialMarketLLC

Your business, skills, product or service may not be original, but YOU ARE!Darla #ImbeddedMogul @SocialMarketLLC

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Are you serious?


/ˈməʊɡʌl; məʊˈɡʌl/


  1.  an important or powerful person
  2. a type of steam locomotive with a wheel arrangement of two leading wheels, six driving wheels, and no trailing wheels

Last Spring, I participated in the Start Smart program at BizWorks Center.  Then, I worked through the program as a brand new entrepreneur and I blogged as the “Imbedded Mogul”.  Yesterday I was asked to be a presenter at the graduation ceremony of the 2nd Start Smart class, to which I responded, “Me?  Are you serious?”   And, now – here I am.

Since I gave my pitch deck speech in June, I have already meet the goals I set for myself and now have clients based in four different states [which has be a great progression in my startup].  However, I continue to learn about customer service, creating better content, improving my business practices, time management and expanding my client base… still very much a start up.

So, what do I say to other moguls in a similar stage that I am in and encourage them to keep going, start learning and stay smart about their businesses?  Well… with a background in teaching, I couldn’t help but use something somewhat elementary, an acrostic.  It was pretty funny when I expressed that I would be speaking “using an acrostic for the word ‘entrepreneurship’.”  There were definitely a few that squirmed in theirs seats thinking it was going to be a LONG night.  HA!

After presenting my acrostic for the word “MOGUL”, I thought I would share what I wrote with you.  I don’t think I particularly wrote anything that has never been thought or written before, but maybe a thought will inspire you where you are.  Or, share it with an entrepreneur that could use some encouragement.

As always, thanks for following The Social Market!!


As I add a post to each letter of my acrostic, click the letters below to find what I wrote:

M  –  O  –  G  –  U  –  L


What’s the best acrostic for the word #entrepreneurship? #areuserious @SocialMarketLLC

5 tips for a successful startup. #entrepreneurship #areuserious @SocialMarketLLC

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Frugalship. It’s not just for Fridays!


…this is not a decision we only make on Fridays.  We choose every day whether or not to be frugal.  Consciously or subconsciously.  Personally and professionally.  And, in almost every area of life.

Daily, we make the decision not to be frugal with our time or how to use our time wisely.  On a daily basis, we make numerous decisions whether or not to be frugal with our money.

Have you been following my October #FrugalshipFriday posts?  If not, you can START HERE.  If so, here are my conclusions to my decisions as a consumer and how my experiences at CVS have effected me as an entrepreneur:


  • I tried products I may not have tried, if it weren’t for the sales – and some are still favorites.
  • On the bright-side, it has made my organizing and planning much easier… a lot less paper to hold on to and expiration dates to keep up with.
  •  It was great while it lasted.


  • The trust I put in the store, to save my family money, was affected by inconsistent changes to policies and within like stores (even before they changed the expired policy all together).
  • Selfishly, it isn’t as easily-available for me [the consumer] to save money like I had been when I had more combinations and choices for saving during sales.
  • It was great while it lasted.


  • By making certain products more affordable (by matching sales and coupons), CVS helped encourage consumers to by products, which benefited the vendors which which they work.
  • The time I spent couponing at CVS allowed me to be familiar with their store, their apps, employees and ExtraCare reward system.  So, I am still comfortable and accustomed to using their app and ExtraBucks.
  • I  think CVS made smart decisions by embedding the lure for couponers into their marketing.  2 for 1 — great business strategy.


  • As I understand, when CVS was taking expired coupons, manufacturers were not accepting them?  (That’s how a manager explained it to me.)  CVS was having to cover the expense for the customer’s savings.
  • With extended use of expired coupons, the use of in-store sales and in-store printed coupons, CVS got the attention of customers working to save money.  The con?  Now that they have changed their policies, I’m thinking it would be smart to attract consistent customers or work to find a new audience!  Either way, I’m interested to see if changing the policy was the best business decision…



As business owner or contractor, is the compromise of time worth in exchange for anticipating frugalship?

For your business, is financial #frugalship worth the sacrifice of time? @Frugalship @SocialMarketLLC


What steps are you taking to insure the decision of #frugalship reflects your values?

Do you value your time and don’t have time to invest in your social media content? #SocialMarket

(Posts about my experiences at CVS are only meant to be a personal “case study” of  frugalship of a beginner business strategist.  My observations and opinions are expressed personally, not to support or negatively reflect on a product and/or business.  For the record, I do still shop at CVS, just not as often or with as many coupons.  Also, yes… my spell check told me that “couponing” and “couponers” are not words… it was my prerogative to use them anyway.)

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Time vs Money

Over the last several years, I have stocked our family linen closet with shampoos, conditioners, toothpaste, toothbrushes, make-up and styling products for dimes.

The question still remains a teeter-totter of thought:  Is the compromise of time worth in exchange for anticipating frugalship?



Do you value your time and don’t have time to invest in your social media content? #SocialMarket

100% back guarantees still exist? Yep! @CVS_exta #savemoney #frugalshipfriday @SocialMarketLLC @Frugalship


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I’m convinced that there are very few products you can’t buy without coupons.  This “theory” then presented a query…

Do I spend my time to save money or make money so I can save time?

Being frugal isn’t so much a passing thought, it’s a way of living, purchasing with intention and investing purposefully.  With four children, my husband and I often talk about the best use of money… and time.  We often debate:

  1. Do I spend too much time trying to save money?
  2. Am I spending too much time working, that  I end up spending excess money for no reason?

You may find yourself in one of these two camps; as well as ignoring the subject all together, ending up spending too much time and too money and not much to show for either.  Especially if  you are managing a personal household budget and business accounts, being frugal and smart with your resources really has to be an intentional choice.

To start, you must ask yourself:  Which do I value more? Time or money.  Let me frugal-shop for you, so you can frugal-ship!!!

Happy Frugalship!!


TWEET:  People still like saving a buck and having an extra hour in the day. That’s #frugalship! @frugalship @socialmarketllc

TWEET: #frugalshhip is a way of living, purchasing with intention and investing purposefully. @socialmarketllc


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Brains are for Thinking


Albert Einstein

This thought, quote or inspirational set of words may be life-changing to me.  It is logical, inspirational and allows creativity to be justifiable… a do-able action without regret.  I guess I have always considered being able to learn and retain was a sign of intelligence.  However, it is a place of confidence to see Einstein’s words together.

Growing up [and living a successful adult life] with a learning disability – retaining and retrieving information has always been an anxiety-filled action.  At the same time, thinking, learning and imagining are a lively part of my brain.  So, allowing myself the right to thrive in organized spaces and through information-based systems I form to be productive, has been a life-long fight, a welcome safety and an aspirational goal to perfect… or at least become more knowledgeable about.

As I continue this journey of seeking a productive personal and professional life, I [both delight and] struggle with the freedom and escape that processes give me.  They give me an escape from having to store other’s processes and required memorization of endless information.

I’ve determined that the process of planning serves three outlets for me:

  1. A visual organization of knowledge I can’t see or organize in my mind.
  2. A love for actually creating a logistical process and planning systems (although I don’t particularly like following them).
  3. A practical [and seemingly-reasonable way] to avoid things I really don’t want to do.

Are you a planner?  Do you enjoy the process of creating systems for productivity?  Do you appreciate the freedom that thinking and processing gives?  Do make the decision to value your time in this way?

I do – yet, I haven’t yet decided if this activity [or skill)] is an ability or liability to a successful person. What is your opinion… and why?  I’d love for you to share with me!




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Today, I had the pleasure to attend a seminar of Jim Roman.  In the spirit of entrepreneurship, he spoke about accomplishing goals, making progress and the  mindset to make dreams doable.

I always have been interested in visual organizing, creative productivity, self-defined balance and inspired accomplishments.  However, when you add “small business owner” in to the mix, the potential for progress and the significance of realistic point-of-view grow into something bigger than yourself.

If I were to share the ideas that were most important to me from this presentation, I would say this would be my countdown:

5.  If a goal isn’t personal [and if it doesn’t mean anything to you], you wont reach the goal.

4.  Take control of your life [and your time] – don’t allow life [and time] to take control of you.

3. What is my idea of successful and what do I need to do to reach it?

2.  Be strategic and understand what drives you!

1.  Processes don’t determine progress.

Thank you, Jim Roman of Business Owners Institute and for sharing your insight on being balanced in business.




x, the potential for progress, much less survivial