Love a Tree

Although it seems like there is a day for everything, but I tend to like this one…

“I have a profound love for lone trees… trees rooted where they do not appear to belong, yet they thrive and stand with sophisticated posture because of their circumstances, despite their purpose or beauty.”

Darla Hancock, One Lone Tree Studios

I look for them everywhere I go and appreciate the moments of admiration they provide. Sometimes I try capturing pictures, but the flat images never seem to do justice to their poise or never seem to serve as an accurate reminder of their stature.

I hope, today, this is a little reminder to appreciate the little things that are solely yours to appreciate… the smell of rain, the sounds of a classical saxophone, freshly washed bed sheets… a lone tree – those are a few of my favorite things.

Do you have something that brings you inner peace and a moment of calm breath, taking you away from current circumstances… just for a moment? What is it? Why do you think it speaks to your soul?


If you missed my last post, check out “Motivation vs Habits” and continue loving your work-life balance. I suggest adding your favorite things as a page in your binder, so you can often be reminded of your true passions and brought back to your true self.

©2020 Darla D Hancock, The Social Market, LLC

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