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The Art of Connecting

Earlier this year, a local publisher, Arabelle Publishing, asked me what my thoughts were about networking. I submitted my response… and I was quoted in Shanna Kabatznick’s book, “Master the Art of Connecting: 30 Tips to Authentic Conversation”. Here is my tip that was published:

“Connections made today may not be of immediate impact. But, it’s amazing when several years go by, life and business have changed and so do positions, resources, needs and influences. Keeping connected with people you meet today may be the perfect connection tomorrow or in two years or ten.”

Darla D. Hancock

What would you say is the art of networking? How do you stay connected to new connections or established acquaintances? I’d love to hear from you!


You can visit Arabelle Publishing at www.arabellepublishing.com and purchase Shanna’s book on Amazon.

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