Darla D Hancock

Here are ten things you probably don’t know about me…



I grew up in a rural farming community in Michigan.  My hometown is about 900 people big.  Both of my parents were teachers.  From a young age, I dreamed of becoming an interior decorator, a writer or a professional musician.


One of my childhood hobbies was making lists.  I have always had a passion for rearranging furniture, creating schedules and organized lists for everything.  Spacial is my specialty, you could say!  I have used these interests to help me function my way through life – organizing spaces, time, circumstances and paper lists… of course, the lists themselves always have to look organized too!


I have been a historical museum tour guide.  For two summers during college, I dressed up in 1800-ish dresses on hot summer days, recited the same script numerous times a day [probably just as much in my sleep] and have many fond memories.


While in college, I earned two Bachelor’s Degrees.  I entered college to earn a Bachelor’s Degree in Classical Saxophone Performance.  However, [like most music majors] I realized I wasn’t going to graduate in four years.  So, what’s a girl do?  Well, make the best of it and add a major junior year!  With the addition of a couple of summer school classes, wonderful professors and a lot of hard work, I graduated with an additional B.S. Degree in Art (Graphic Design).


Do you remember the Yellow Pages?  Not the search engine online… the real paper book with pages.  I designed ads for the Yellow Pages in Nashville, TN the first year after graduating from college.  Other artists called it “factory art”.  I may agree.  When I left, I was producing an average of 32 ads a day!


I served as adjunct faculty at a university.  For two years, I was a faculty member for the Department of Communication at a Liberal Arts college near Columbus, Ohio.


Every summer, we vacation with college friends.  I don’t think we have missed a summer in nearly 20 years.  We started out as 4 couples and now we have named ourselves “THE 25”.  Yes!  That is 17 kids… and we vacation in one house some summers.  I can say, “hashtag blessed.”


I collect books.  My obsession has now moved into e-books, I’ll admit.  However, I still think there is something comforting about shelves lined with books.  There is something inviting about practical decoration.  (Although, I taught grade school library for a couple of years and it was very difficult for me to not follow students around, pushing all the books back to even.)


I have four children.  Although I loved the baby stage, it is a humbling experience to walk through life with growing children.  They keep me on my toes, honest about myself and a little more willing to step out and do the things I really want to.  Life is precious.


I love organizing.  Not only do I love organizing, I worked for a nationally respected speaker/author Professional Organizer.  I think my sense of organization comes from a need for visual space and peace.  I have always operated on the thought that organization is a process to an end.  However, the more life I live, organization and productivity are ever changing – it’s how we change with them that allows us freedom to create, enjoy life and smile.



“Commit to the Lord whatever you do and He will establish your plan.”
Proverbs 16:3