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Be Original

“Entrepreneurs cannot be someone else or do what someone else is doing.”  Darla D Hancock, The Social Market LLC

Your business, skills, product or service may not be original, but YOU ARE!

When developing a business, an idea, an interest, an insight, a talent, a business plan, a product, a service, a hobby, progress is dependent on your willingness to invest in your originality.  You invest passion, talent and time that are all original to you; often sacrificing your career, your friends, your family and your intellectual property.  Investing in all those things seems like a lively and lovely venture… until you share it with the world.

Originality seems novel, until shared.

Entrepreneurship is often a lonely journey… on purpose and out of necessity.  You become your best cheerleader or worst critic, sometimes at the same time.

That is why participating in a course like Start Smart is so beneficial.  If you are lucky, you can find yourself in an environment where everyone has completely different passions, interests and abilities.  It’s great to be reminded that there is room for each entrepreneur to pursue individual interests and enough clients or customers to use our services or buy products.

However, despite the level of diversity, I think sharing your passion can be the most intimidating of opening your business to the outside world.  Even if you stand behind your concept and commitment to following through, your investment of time, energy, money and your originality is exposed.  I’m not sure which is more worrisome- someone “taking” your idea/business or it not working.

Entrepreneurship is personal.  The opportunities available to you are grounded in the diverseness of your interests, talents, backgrounds, industries and hope of the possibility of reaching the impossible.

Fellow mogul, use common sense, respect direction, be willing to learn and change, invest in your dreams, embrace your originality and… be the original you who started what will end up being great.


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“Originality seems novel, until shared.”  Darla #beorginal #intellectualproperty @SocialMarketLLC

“Entrepreneurs cannot be someone else or do what someone else is doing.” Darla #beoriginal @SocialMarketLLC

Your business, skills, product or service may not be original, but YOU ARE!Darla #ImbeddedMogul @SocialMarketLLC

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