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Fashion Startup

As I continue to monthly revise my Business Model Canvas, I become intrigued by startups [and more so by the inspiring entrepreneurs behind them].

I’m looking forward to Lifetime’s Fashion Startup!!  Having a creative mind and wanting to do what I love to do for myself, I know that learning to think “business” stretches the other side of the brain in ways it doesn’t always naturally think.  I’m interested to see how creative, business, fashion, investors and reality TV will look.

Here is a sneak peak:


I’m not sure if I’ll be able to watch Project Runway: Fashion Startup weekly, but I’m hoping to Tweet about my experiences watching it on my @ImbeddedMogul Tweeter page.

Join me in the conversation!

Creative startup time! @LifetimeTV @SocialMarketLLC #imbeddedmogul #lifetimemogul

Video via @A&Enetworks.

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