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Money vs Time

…is the compromise of time worth in exchange for anticipating frugalship?

Well, although many of my trips to CVS would take several hours to organize, this was often the equation of return on my investment of time?

store sale + store coupon + manufacturer coupon = frugalship

Here’s my story:

When I started my frugal shopping at CVS, I was staying home with young children.  I would use my trips to off-set household expenses.  Wanting to spend time with my children, I was trading [not working outside the home] time, with at-home time [making lists and clipping coupons] in an attempt to save money.

Several years ago, manufacturer coupons could be used that were up to 2-years expired!!  However, over the last several years, I’d plan my frugal-shopping trips and be told that the coupon regulations had changed.  But, then find at other locations that their policies were still the same.

Slowly, at inconsistent intervals, printed coupon expiration policies moved to one-year, six-month, one-month, one-week and now … NO experienced store or manufacturer coupons.

Do I still frequent CVS?  Well, honestly?  No.  Maybe it was the thrill of frugalship that kept me going each week.  But, I think it is a tiredness of changing policies… trading my time for saving may not be the I continue to make it worth the trade.

What are your thoughts??  Share with me below.

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Happy #frugalship!



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