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Frugalship. It’s BOGO time!


I LOVE the word “FREE” – even the acronym “BOGO” is a sweet sound to my frugalship ears… and my kid’s ears!

You should have seen the excitement on my kid’s faces when I told them we were going to Starbucks after school this afternoon.  BOGO TIME!  Everyone looked up their “secret recipe” and we stood in line.  (Lots of other people like BOGO too!)

Standing in line gave me a couple minutes to stare up at the celebratory holiday poster.  Although I wished it look more like Thanksgiving than Christmas, I started to question the text message I read earlier this morning.

So, before ordering I asked, “Can you get any drinks buy-one-get-one-free?”  The barista replied, “No, just holiday drinks.”  WHAT?  I thought they were celebrating the coming holidays… not the “holiday drinks”!!  Oh, no!  Well, BOGO is BOGO.  I asked the kids to re-pick a drink, this time only from the “red menu” and I enjoyed my Peppermint Mocha very much.

Why is this my #FrugalshipFriday post?

  1. Thank you Starbucks for special days more special!
  2. I’ve come to realize that I am REALLY good at reading the part of a sale description – the part I want to read.   a. It is a good thing I was with my kids, not meeting a client!  b. Well, going back and looking at their website and other ads, yes, it clearly states, “BOGO Holiday Drinks” and most articles even list the drinks that qualify for the special.  It would be easier if I read the whole ad, text or post!
  3. This is a great reminder that visual communication is VITAL to everyday communication, promos… especially holiday promos.  Everyone has their own perception and idea of what you mean – sometimes before they stop to see or hear what you are communicating.  So, stick with your brand, make your message simple and make it something your customers want to go out of their way to get.

That’s my #FrugalshipFriday – even though I’m writing this Thursday night.

Happy Frugalship!!



What did I learn from my afternoon stop at Starbucks? #BOGO #FrugalshipFriday @Frugalship  @SocialMarketLLC 

Tis the season… well, Thanksgiving. #Starbucks #FrugalshipFriday @Frugalship @SocialMarketLLC



All drinks were enjoyed in the purchases made today.  I do not represent Starbucks or am I endorsed by them to write this post.  FYI:  Starbucks makes the Caramel Apple Spice all year-round, so it doesn’t count as a “Holiday drink” (at least at the Starbucks I went to).  I wanted to get my Fall on!!  Well, maybe I’ll try THIS recipe from My Frugal Adventures.  Thanks, for sharing Charlene!

CC photo via Flickr.


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