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A Vote for Today’s Future

It’s Presidential Election day!!

Four year ago, I would have not guessed that I would have started my own consulting business and I would be going into my first election as a soloprenuer!!

After months of watching and listening to election projections and predictions, I was wondering… when it comes to elections, what are the top political priorities to entrepreneurs?

So, I did a little reading and, as I anticipated, I found a consistent top three pole-goals for small business owners (and some interesting stats to go with them):


Did you know, there are an estimated 29.6 million small businesses in the US?  Those businesses create 7/10 jobs in the US and bear a regulatory cost which is 36% higher than the cost of regulatory compliance for large businesses. 1

Small Business Tax

Did you know that tax issues are the single most significant set of regulatory burdens for most small businesses?   Small businesses pay 67% more to comply with the tax code than larger firms. 1


Did you know that an estimated 1.6 million jobs would be eliminated do to new healthcare laws?   From those, 66% of those jobs will be lost from small businesses.  2

What would your top three be?  Vote today (but, not here) and express your passion for tomorrow’s opportunities!


TWEET:  As a small business owner, what is important to you as you hit the poles this today? #ticketofoppertunity @socialmarketllc

TWEET:  Vote today and expect a world of new opportunities! #entrepreneursvote #votefortodaysfuture @socialmarketllc

To read more, CLICK HERE for Adam C. Uzialko’s Business News Daily article.

1 SBA, Office of Advocacy 

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