the non-biscuit

Tuesday, I wrote about knowing your product… and my “non-waffle”.

Well, just for fun on this #foodiefriday, I thought I’d return to my blogging roots [“sweet! no wheat” bakery & blog] and share my most recent, frugal breakfast.  And, this is so good…

darla’s non-biscuit recipe


1-pkg Martha White GF Biscuit Mix

1/2 cup milk or almond milk

1 egg

2 TBSP Grape Seed oil

3 TBSP All-Fruit or jam

3 TBSP Maple Syrup



Stir biscuit, milk and egg together.

Heat waffle iron and add 1-TBSP of oil.

Add 1/2 the batter, bake and repeat with left-over batter.

Add all-fruit and syrup into microwavable bowl, combine, warm (about 30 seconds) and stir.

Top non-biscuit with desired amount of butter and top with all-fruit syrup.


This is not an affiliate link nor was I compensated for any recognized products.  The Sweet Dreams by Darla is currently being worked on: however, you can visit me on Facebook for additional recipes that are sweet, no wheat!

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