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Brains are for Thinking


Albert Einstein

This thought, quote or inspirational set of words may be life-changing to me.  It is logical, inspirational and allows creativity to be justifiable… a do-able action without regret.  I guess I have always considered being able to learn and retain was a sign of intelligence.  However, it is a place of confidence to see Einstein’s words together.

Growing up [and living a successful adult life] with a learning disability – retaining and retrieving information has always been an anxiety-filled action.  At the same time, thinking, learning and imagining are a lively part of my brain.  So, allowing myself the right to thrive in organized spaces and through information-based systems I form to be productive, has been a life-long fight, a welcome safety and an aspirational goal to perfect… or at least become more knowledgeable about.

As I continue this journey of seeking a productive personal and professional life, I [both delight and] struggle with the freedom and escape that processes give me.  They give me an escape from having to store other’s processes and required memorization of endless information.

I’ve determined that the process of planning serves three outlets for me:

  1. A visual organization of knowledge I can’t see or organize in my mind.
  2. A love for actually creating a logistical process and planning systems (although I don’t particularly like following them).
  3. A practical [and seemingly-reasonable way] to avoid things I really don’t want to do.

Are you a planner?  Do you enjoy the process of creating systems for productivity?  Do you appreciate the freedom that thinking and processing gives?  Do make the decision to value your time in this way?

I do – yet, I haven’t yet decided if this activity [or skill)] is an ability or liability to a successful person. What is your opinion… and why?  I’d love for you to share with me!




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