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Today, I had the pleasure to attend a seminar of Jim Roman.  In the spirit of entrepreneurship, he spoke about accomplishing goals, making progress and the  mindset to make dreams doable.

I always have been interested in visual organizing, creative productivity, self-defined balance and inspired accomplishments.  However, when you add “small business owner” in to the mix, the potential for progress and the significance of realistic point-of-view grow into something bigger than yourself.

If I were to share the ideas that were most important to me from this presentation, I would say this would be my countdown:

5.  If a goal isn’t personal [and if it doesn’t mean anything to you], you wont reach the goal.

4.  Take control of your life [and your time] – don’t allow life [and time] to take control of you.

3. What is my idea of successful and what do I need to do to reach it?

2.  Be strategic and understand what drives you!

1.  Processes don’t determine progress.

Thank you, Jim Roman of Business Owners Institute and for sharing your insight on being balanced in business.




x, the potential for progress, much less survivial

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