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Bullet Journal By Marzipan

“A bullet journal is meant to work around your life, not complicate it!” – Marzi

This post is not sponsored … I just liked this video. ūüôā


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7 Tips for Choosing to Live with Daily Intention

I love insightful posts … and find a variety on LinkedIn. ¬†I recently came across a little list from startup investor¬†Ben Zlotnick.

Living with daily intention is a goal I reset for myself every morning. ¬†I think you’ll like these tips to assist you in making intentional choices to increase your purpose and productivity too:

1. Do not answer calls from unknown or private phone numbers.

2. Do not e-mail first thing in the morning or last thing at night and expect an immediate response.

3. Do not agree to meetings or calls with no clear agenda or end time.

4. Do not let people ramble.

5. Do not over-communicate with low-profit, high-maintenance customers. Always remember the 90/10 rule.

6. Do not work more to fix problems. Prioritize.

7. Do not expect work to fill a void that non-work relationships and activities should.

Aren’t those great thoughts from Tim Ferriss and Ben Zlotnick?

To see additional suggestions (or to add your own), VISIT Ben on LinkedIn.

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Have a busy life? Here are 10 painless tips to get organized!

Good morning!

This little video with ten painless tips for organizing a busy life, is worth the watch!

Video by:  Dominique Sachse

Throughout my 20+ years in TV news, I have learned many tips and tricks to be camera ready. I get questions from viewers all the time asking about makeup, hair and fashion advice, and I think this channel will be the perfect place to share my secrets. Subscribe to keep up with my weekly videos and comment below with your questions, so I can address them infuture videos. Glad to have you! - YouTube

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Organize Your Desk

When I am not composing content for myself or clients, I love researching ways to organize and new inspiration to help my family live a healthy life. ¬†So, when I realized today is “Organize Your Desk Day”, I was so excited to share some of my favorite links with you!

Organize Your Office with these 10 Tips
Bowl Full of Lemons

Organize Paper Clutter in Less Than 30 Minutes
Anna Moseley

Organize Your Home Office
Peter Walsh

Organize Desk Drawers
Apartment Therapy

Organize To Do Files & Store Files on Flash Drives
Driven by Decor

Organize Using Creative Storage
Lauren Conrad

Organize Office Wires
>Martha Stewart

Organize Office Supplies
Real Simple

Organize Productivity Systems
Ramona Creel

Enjoy and share your organized desk with me!


Also, check out this downloadable, Organize Your Small Business, from Susie Hayman of In Your Business.

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mint condition

“Managing your time and staying organized¬†are¬†valuable benefit¬†when¬†running a productive office, managing clients¬†and a successful social media campaign.” – The Social Market LLC

With January coming to a close, I wanted to highlight “Get Organized Month“.¬† For several years, I wrote about organizing.¬† One of the most valuable pieces of knowledge I value from that experience, is having¬†learned that organizing is a process not a product… things looking organized and maintaining a¬†system [especially if the system is not yours]¬†are NOT the same thing!


I thought I would share a couple of motivational tips for an organized office, productive schedule and a well-managed social media management system:


I am addicted to planners!   I have a personal planner, a business planner, planners which I just like to look and planners I make.  I love my planners to help capture the weeks and months to come.  However, one of the best tools I have found for actually getting tasks done is a weekly list on my desk.  I use a printable much like one from Invincible Inc..  (I can usually find mine at Big Lots.)


Prioritizing will make you more productive.  Assess your to-do list and prioritize the top 2-3 things on your list.  Mark them clearly (using numbers, stars, etc.) to indicate which tasks need to be accomplished first each day.  The Incremental Life has several additional productivity tips and self-management.


Keep big projects visible.¬† Display important events, due-dates or to-do lists on hanging clip boards.¬† I use this system in my office and I love it!¬† Martha Stewart’s clip board wall is a great example.


When organizing multiple social media profiles, management platforms such as HootSuite and Slack Social can improve your productivity.  Using platforms like these allows you to put profiles in one place, schedule posts across multiple networks and easily measure results.  (HootSuite is FREE up to 3 profiles.)

What is your favorite tip for organizing your time and social media content?

I hope you have been able to start 2017 motivated to get organized and connected to your social market!¬† Share your achieve’mints with me!


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To read THE MOTIVATOR, the first post in my ‚Äú17 Reasons to‚ÄĚ series ‚ÄĒ-> CLICK HERE

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Brains are for Thinking


Albert Einstein

This thought, quote or inspirational set of words may be life-changing to me.¬† It is logical, inspirational and¬†allows creativity to be justifiable… a do-able action without regret.¬† I guess I have¬†always considered being able to learn and retain was a sign of intelligence.¬† However, it is a place of confidence to see Einstein’s words together.

Growing up [and living a successful adult life] with a learning disability –¬†retaining and retrieving information has always been an anxiety-filled action.¬†¬†At the same time, thinking, learning and imagining are a lively part of my brain.¬† So, allowing myself the right to thrive in organized spaces and through¬†information-based¬†systems¬†I form to be productive, has been¬†a life-long fight, a¬†welcome safety and an aspirational goal to perfect… or at least become more knowledgeable about.

As I continue this journey of seeking a productive personal and professional life, I [both delight and] struggle with the freedom and escape that processes give me.¬† They give me an escape from having to store other’s processes and required memorization of endless information.

I’ve determined that the process of planning¬†serves three outlets for me:

  1. A visual organization of knowledge I can’t see or organize in my mind.
  2. A love for actually creating¬†a logistical¬†process and planning systems¬†(although I don’t particularly like following them).
  3. A practical [and seemingly-reasonable way]¬†to avoid things I really don’t want to do.

Are you a planner?  Do you enjoy the process of creating systems for productivity?  Do you appreciate the freedom that thinking and processing gives?  Do make the decision to value your time in this way?

I do – yet,¬†I haven’t yet decided if¬†this activity [or skill)] is an ability¬†or liability to a successful person. What is your opinion… and why?¬† I’d love for you to share with me!




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Today, I had the pleasure to attend a seminar of Jim Roman.  In the spirit of entrepreneurship, he spoke about accomplishing goals, making progress and the  mindset to make dreams doable.

I always have been interested in visual organizing, creative productivity, self-defined balance and inspired accomplishments.¬† However, when you add “small business owner” in to the mix, the potential for progress and the significance of realistic¬†point-of-view grow into something bigger than yourself.

If I were to share the ideas that were most important to me from this presentation, I would say this would be my countdown:

5.¬† If a goal isn’t personal [and if it doesn’t mean anything to you], you wont reach the goal.

4.¬† Take control of your life [and your time] – don’t allow life [and time] to take control of you.

3. What is my idea of successful and what do I need to do to reach it?

2.  Be strategic and understand what drives you!

1.¬† Processes don’t determine progress.

Thank you, Jim Roman of Business Owners Institute and for sharing your insight on being balanced in business.




x, the potential for progress, much less survivial

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My Grown Up Piggy Bank

I’ve been learning so much about entrepreneurship and how to be a successful small business owner.¬† One important aspect that is mentioned repeatedly… open a business bank account.

Well, that seems simple enough, right?¬† All kinds of people have small businesses, they must have figured it out, right?¬† I don’t hear that opening a bank account is a difficult process, if¬†it was, there wouldn’t be so many small businesses, right?¬† I’m determined to do this the right way, so this will be a painless process, right?

Here are my top 5 tips when opening a business account at a bank:

5.¬† Even if your husband isn’t a small business owner, maybe you should listen to his insights a bit more.¬†

As hard as it is to believe, it isn’t easy to see the whole picture when you are trying to build it all at the same time.¬† Accept observations and advice from the outside-in!

4. Don’t deposit all your checks at once.

When you open a new bank account, checks will take at least 7-10 days to clear.¬† You won’t have access to your hard-earned funds (even if they tell you you’ll be able to get it the following morning – nope.)¬† Don’t learn the hard way, like I had to.

3. Do you have to pay for a business account?

I think, with most banks, there are ways around paying for a business account.  With Bank of America, I can get a free bank account by paying myself once a month. РThis is one of the positives from opening my account.

2. You get checks… and a deposit stamp.

Maybe it is the childhood-entrepreneur in me… I love checks and stamps!!¬† When I opened my account on line, they didn’t tell me I got FREE checks (and a FREE stamp)!¬† When I went into the branch office, she quickly got me hooked up and I got my packages in the mail just a couple days later!¬† It’s for real now!!!

1.Don’t use the online-option!¬† Go into a office and work with a person you can see and who can see you!¬†

Working with an experienced small business banker [at a banking center]¬†will make your experience much less painful and you’ll probably get advice about other aspects of you business along the way.¬† More than likely, the information will be consistent… unlike talking to 5 different people over a week and getting 5 different answers and information.

Be educated, flexible¬†and ready to work for what you need.¬† It may not end up being productive or an efficient use of your time, but it is always¬†progress [whether you move ahead or have to learn from getting¬†behind] –¬†soon you’ll be able to¬†say, “Show me the money!”

So, that is my life-lesson in opening my business account at the bank.¬† For important information you should know before opening your business account, CLICK HERE.¬† (Just ignore the first suggestion – I obviously don’t support that advice. Sorry, SBA.)

Just for the record, HERE is your other option!

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Business Planning

As I continue to work on building my business, I’m beginning to learn more and more that planning to a creative is MUCH different than planning to a “business person”. ¬†AND, I have learned that all of the things that I LOVE to “PLAN” aren’t really what makes up the foundation of a successful business.

Last week, I worked on my Business Model Canvas with sticky notes was somewhat confident in my work РI was able to write down things that I have mostly already thought about.  However, taking that information and writing it in sentence form, more like a business plan, made me really think inside each of those aspects.

If I’m being totally honest, I think my biggest challenges at this point are:

3. Recognizing why I am different from other contractors or businesses offering my services, put it into word and into practice!

2. Recognizing my worth is more than I probably give myself credit for and having insight into what other contractors in my industry charge for similar work.

2. Recognizing my use of time.  Just replying to emails, deleting emails, organizing emails, keeping track of client activity, sending out a tweet or writing a post ALWAYS takes longer than I think it is going to!

1. Recognizing that being organizing and making systems for everything doesn’t necessarily build my business. ¬†I need to recognize what may not need the time investment of creating a system, list, etc.and use it on the “real” business end of building a solid small business.

Are you a soloperneur? ¬†What are your greatest struggles, concerns or battles? ¬†I’d love for you to share with me!


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