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I think I may have discovered my new favorite thing… the gold Sharpie!!

I know… you are probably thinking, “Why is this blog-worthy?”  Well, I am a typer.  I typically avoid pens and pencils.  But, I have found a new love for brain-storming, list-making and general-daydreaming.

What is better than a brand new Sharpie?  A brand new Sharpie and this…


What inspires your plans, organizing, dreams and thoughts?

Share your favorites with me!


I am just fond on this Eccolo product I found at Staples.  This post was not sponsored.

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Have a busy life? Here are 10 painless tips to get organized!

Good morning!

This little video with ten painless tips for organizing a busy life, is worth the watch!

Video by:  Dominique Sachse

Throughout my 20+ years in TV news, I have learned many tips and tricks to be camera ready. I get questions from viewers all the time asking about makeup, hair and fashion advice, and I think this channel will be the perfect place to share my secrets. Subscribe to keep up with my weekly videos and comment below with your questions, so I can address them infuture videos. Glad to have you! - YouTube

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Organize Your Desk

When I am not composing content for myself or clients, I love researching ways to organize and new inspiration to help my family live a healthy life.  So, when I realized today is “Organize Your Desk Day”, I was so excited to share some of my favorite links with you!

Organize Your Office with these 10 Tips
Bowl Full of Lemons

Organize Paper Clutter in Less Than 30 Minutes
Anna Moseley

Organize Your Home Office
Peter Walsh

Organize Desk Drawers
Apartment Therapy

Organize To Do Files & Store Files on Flash Drives
Driven by Decor

Organize Using Creative Storage
Lauren Conrad

Organize Office Wires
>Martha Stewart

Organize Office Supplies
Real Simple

Organize Productivity Systems
Ramona Creel

Enjoy and share your organized desk with me!


Also, check out this downloadable, Organize Your Small Business, from Susie Hayman of In Your Business.

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mint condition

“Managing your time and staying organized are valuable benefit when running a productive office, managing clients and a successful social media campaign.” – The Social Market LLC

With January coming to a close, I wanted to highlight “Get Organized Month“.  For several years, I wrote about organizing.  One of the most valuable pieces of knowledge I value from that experience, is having learned that organizing is a process not a product… things looking organized and maintaining a system [especially if the system is not yours] are NOT the same thing!


I thought I would share a couple of motivational tips for an organized office, productive schedule and a well-managed social media management system:


I am addicted to planners!   I have a personal planner, a business planner, planners which I just like to look and planners I make.  I love my planners to help capture the weeks and months to come.  However, one of the best tools I have found for actually getting tasks done is a weekly list on my desk.  I use a printable much like one from Invincible Inc..  (I can usually find mine at Big Lots.)


Prioritizing will make you more productive.  Assess your to-do list and prioritize the top 2-3 things on your list.  Mark them clearly (using numbers, stars, etc.) to indicate which tasks need to be accomplished first each day.  The Incremental Life has several additional productivity tips and self-management.


Keep big projects visible.  Display important events, due-dates or to-do lists on hanging clip boards.  I use this system in my office and I love it!  Martha Stewart’s clip board wall is a great example.


When organizing multiple social media profiles, management platforms such as HootSuite and Slack Social can improve your productivity.  Using platforms like these allows you to put profiles in one place, schedule posts across multiple networks and easily measure results.  (HootSuite is FREE up to 3 profiles.)

What is your favorite tip for organizing your time and social media content?

I hope you have been able to start 2017 motivated to get organized and connected to your social market!  Share your achieve’mints with me!


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