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Organize Your Desk

When I am not composing content for myself or clients, I love researching ways to organize and new inspiration to help my family live a healthy life.  So, when I realized today is “Organize Your Desk Day”, I was so excited to share some of my favorite links with you!

Organize Your Office with these 10 Tips
Bowl Full of Lemons

Organize Paper Clutter in Less Than 30 Minutes
Anna Moseley

Organize Your Home Office
Peter Walsh

Organize Desk Drawers
Apartment Therapy

Organize To Do Files & Store Files on Flash Drives
Driven by Decor

Organize Using Creative Storage
Lauren Conrad

Organize Office Wires
>Martha Stewart

Organize Office Supplies
Real Simple

Organize Productivity Systems
Ramona Creel

Enjoy and share your organized desk with me!


Also, check out this downloadable, Organize Your Small Business, from Susie Hayman of In Your Business.

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