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Take Advantage of Your Social Market

For the typical business model, social media platforms are not an optional resource, or for that matter, a free website.  The social market of technology is an open opportunity to reach new clients and develop new relationships.  However, it isn’t just “retweeting” a funny video or saying, “Happy New Year”.  Connecting with your social market takes creativity, planning and research.

I thought that August would be a great time to present a couple of thought-points with you… aspects of your social market you may have not considered or may not be giving enough attention.  Over the next couple months, I will be walking through weekly reasons why your company needs to take advantage of your social market.  By strategically utilizing social media, your products, processes, client-base and customer-relation will expand… along with your business:

PURPOSE  |  What do you have to say?  Is anyone interested in hearing your message, learning about your product or joining in a virtual conversation with you?

AUDIENCE  |  Who are you reaching?  Is it the audience you want to reach?

VOICE |  What do you want to communicate to your audience?  Not only the words you choose, but the tone in which you post.

ANALYTICS  |  When is the best time to reach your audience?  If you aren’t taking advantage of utilizing analytics, you may not be optimizing your potential reach and engagement ability!

STRATEGY  |  How do you post?  Random posts (both content and time) will most likely leave your audience random (both in reach and intimacy).

CONTENT  |  Does your content reflect your brand, your voice and attract positive attention?

Continue to follow this blog series, or to get all the links in September, just send me a quick email with the subject line “AugustTips”.  You can email me at:

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