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An Appointment with Me

Do you have those kinds of days? 

The type of days when grey skies take over.  And typical enjoyments seem like burdens.  And dreams looks like self-reflections gone wrong.  And the spirit of thankfulness is hidden from your truth-seeker.  And a sudden halt is put to introspection.  And your mind is filled with being overwhelmed by possibilities but the intimidation of any of them happening.

Yes, I have those kind of days!

I have a date with those kind of days more often then they are scheduled.  Who would purposefully schedule moments filled with “ands”, that bring unapproved hesitation to fully intention-ed productive days?  But, they happen to the best of us.  It isn’t easy for me to escape their encroaching destiny.

But, when they show up, uninvited, I have to be reminded to breathe.  It may sound cliché, but breath brings true life back into perspective.  Sometimes, too much dreaming, too much reflecting, too much reading, too much listening just needs to be brought back to the reason you’re doing it all.

Breathing me.

Over the last month or two, I spent a lot of time thinking about who I want to be and what I want to do.  All of that thinking, can leave you in a place filled with “ands” and doubt – instead of serenity and conscious confidence.  I’m all for ideas.  And lists.  And introspection.  And change.  And inspiration.  And, just playing going for it.

As a musician, you learn this very early – the rests have just as important role as the notes.  As an artist, you learn this very early – the white space is just as important the as the colors on a canvas.  Too many notes and colors without rest become noisy and distracting.   I suppose, just like a musician or an artist, we have to practice filling in the empty spaces too!  They are conscious.  And deliberate.  And focused.  And necessary.

Learning to listen to pause has to be just as important step as getting where you going is.

The next time you’re having one of those gray days, I hope you can remember to breathe a little.  To stop the “ands” from taking over your thought process and your actions.  Draw in a little white space.  And create some rest.  In doing so, I encourage you to give yourself a little grace to get where you’re going.  Allow yourself to cherish the process along the way.  No checklists or agendas, except…

Maybe just writing in your calendar, “An Appointment with Me” and breathe.


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