How Do You De-find Yourself?

What lovely question! I’ve been pondering it quite a bit lately as I’ve been working my way through a Emily Freeman’s There Next Right Thing, Jess Connelly’s The Girl For The Job and just started Marie Forleo’s Everything Is Figureoutable. (All books I’m in love with and would highly suggest reading.)

Along with life circumstances, there is a lot to think about! And, answering tough questions about myself isn’t necessarily easy or fun. Knowing when to give myself the benefit of the doubt or readjust to new concepts can be invigorating or dreadfully disappointing.

At every stage of life, there are new lines that need to be discovered and drawn between updated desires, vintage dreams, accomplishments that have created growth in unexpected areas, newly acquired deficits and what is truly reality.

I think the same analysis can be given to a startup or growing business. Answering the hard questions, thinking outside the box, giving credit to doubt, give validity to new viewpoints and the insight to make adjustments. Easier said than done, right?

Here are some questions I have been asking about both personal and professional aspects of defining, redefining, finding and re-finding my life:

What were my childhood dreams? They make look a little different, but are they still alive? How can I give life to them by incorporating growth, normal life changes and present opportunities?

What are the tasks that truly consistently earn my focus? Do they match the interests and skills I desire to improve? Am I being intentional with my time and spend my time in what’s actually important to me?

What story am I communicating to others? Is it consistent? Is it really the story I want to tell?

Do you have a favorite question that you have found to help stretch and grow you personally and professionally? Please share it with me! I’d love to hear from you.


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