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oh, dear

“Personalized content creates the right climate for an engaged audience.”  The Social Market LLC

Today, I’d like to share with you my second reason of 2017 for making social media platforms a key communication tool for your business.  This week my motivation to “find the possible in the obvious” comes [again] from observations while on the road.


Week 2.  CLIMATE


My inspiration?  Deer!

Yep!  Have you ever noticed?  It seems like deer only seem to be standing still or running like the wind?  Do they ever take leisure walks?

I’m sure they must, so I looked for reasons of this obvious observation.  I came across some explanations on Mossy Oak by A. Robert Sheppard, M.D. and was surprised at the parallel that can be drawn between the movement of deer and content marketing!!

Let’s take a look at some suggestions for testing the climate of your audience inspired by a movement in nature, specifically deer:


“The most-important factor that increases the likelihood of a deer walking around in daylight hours is temperature.” ARS

It is important to take the temperature of an audience.  First, know that you may have more than one audience.  Second, know when a target audience is on social media, what their interests are, and what the relevance of a product of service is to a specific audience is vital to establishing and engaging an audience.  Now, the article did mention that deer like colder weather, but we’ll leave the thermometer out of this – there is not room for technicalities in my analogy.


“The amount of cloud cover or the lack of cloud cover is the second most-important factor impacting deer movement. Rainy weather isn’t good. Cloudy skies are somewhat better for spotting deer movement.” ARS

After understanding who your target audience(s) are, you’ll be able to allow others to recognize the possibilities that you have to offer them!  So, now it is time understand what it is they need to hear from you. Start by understanding your objectives, your message and how to clearly, creatively and consistently build a line of communication.


“Wind velocity plays a major role in whether deer move or don’t move.  I thought a calm day with no wind wouldn’t be good for causing deer movement… but, the harder and the faster the wind blows, the more deer sightings we recorded [during the 20 years of research].” ARS

One aspect where social media mirrors traditional marketing is word-of-mouth.  If the gust (or gist) your content flows as a consistent message, you’ll see more reach and more engagement from your content.  And, whether you are spending time, money or both to create effective content, a calm day is a loss of not only the valuable commodities of time and money, but of valuable content.  Stay present.

“If you are not motivated to know your audience, they can not be motivated to reciprecate.”  The Social Market LLC

Need more motivation?  Check out JELLYFISH AGENCY’S VIDEO – it highlights important aspects of defining target audience(s) for your social market, like these:

  • Audience profiling
  • Brand awareness
  • Brand loyalty
  • Objectives
  • Interests
  • Relevence
  • Engage
  • Conversation
  • Categorize

Next time you think about your digital marketing plan and respond with an, “Oh, dear,” you may need to be motivated to first learn who your target audience is and what climate makes them move!

Run like the wind and much luck finding your social market!


Need help with personalized and creative content? I can help!  CONTACT ME today.

Again, thanks to A. Robert Sheppard, M.D. and Mossy Oak.

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