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‘Tis the season of eating less sugar, drinking less soda, being more organized, exercising routinely and declaring THIS will be the year that I carry through with my New Year’s Resolutions.  I’m not sure if I would call my thought for the year a “resolution”, but a change in how I think… finding the obvious possibilities within what already seems to be found possible.

A motivator

I drive by a particular utility truck lot that sells used corporate vehicles, like work trucks and vans, almost daily.  Last week as I neared the car lot, I began to think the “typical” thought I think while driving past… “How smart is it of them to use this location, so close to the road, occasionally rotating the displayed vehicles so they are easily noticeable by traffic passers-by.  It’s instant marketing”.

But, this particular morning was different!  Before I passed the lot, I noticed that all of the utility vans were parked facing oncoming traffic — and, they had all the headlights on.  It may not seem like such an extraordinary thought for you; but to me, this was a GREAT example of finding obvious possibilities within what already seems to be found possible.

They already had:

  • Location
  • Product
  • Audience

But, it took someone to think:

  • Rush hour traffic
  • Utilize on-coming traffic
  • Turn the headlights on [during the busiest time of the day]

Then, to put it into action!

On the other hand, someone could have forgotten to turn off the vans, totally oblivious to their mistake and got fired.  But, either way, I have [again] been reminded, inspired and motivated to look for the obvious possibilities in everyday opportunities.

Have you set any New Year goals or resolutions?  Share with me!!


Check back next week to read my “17 reasons” series!!  Until then, are you still looking to motivate your 2017?  Click the video below…


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