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Be a Life-Learner

“Being a life-learner is an indispensable characteristic of being successful.”  

Darla D Hancock, The Social Market LLC

Although I think the ability to be a life-learner is developed growing up, as an adult it becomes a mind-set, a process.

I consider a “life-learner’ as someone who…

  • Is willing to routinely examine their abilities, wants and purpose
  • Prepared to listen to others and adjust deficiencies
  • Prepared to lead others and give compliments
  • Values the unknown
  • Doesn’t rule out opportunities
  • Confident in their own interests, gifts and talents
  • Has perseverance and ingenuity

How do I think being a life-learner is part of the process of entrepreneurship?  It trains you to…

  • Always be open to different ideas
  • Try new ideas, or at least consider new ideas
  • Consider strange ideas
  • Share brilliant ideas, even brilliant ideas can be improved
  • Accept bad ideas.

Now, part of being a life-learner is the intuition, patience, self-control and decisiveness to make observations – making decisions based on the information you have around you [not to just take everything that comes your way].

But, since one person cannot know everything about an industry or business, it is a necessity to learn.  Learn from other’s successes and knowledge.  Learn from other’s mistakes.  Learn from your own successes, stumbling-blocks, rejections and failures.  Even the most inventive concepts can be elevated with a sliver of input from a different mind-set – yours or someone else’s.  It’s up to you to consider if you’ll take advantage of all the possibilities available to you.


Consider the potential available to you – it’s an outlook on life – and it’s obtainable.

Fellow mogul, be a life-learner.



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“Being a life-learner is an indispensable characteristic of being successful.”  Darla #lifelearner  @SocialMarketLLC

What’s the advantage of having an open-mind? Darla #lifelearner #ImbeddedMogul @SocialMarketLLC

Being a life-learner is a process – it’s an outlook on life and it makes success obtainable.  #ImbeddedMogul @SocialMarketLLC


©2016 Darla D Hancock, The Social Market, LLC

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