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Be Useful

“Time is a free asset — until you waste it.”  Darla D Hancock, The Social Market LLC

I will say that as I prepared for my presentation, I was a bit apprehensive about the “U” in the word “mogul”.  But, as I began looking through my notes, I realized that I may have more difficulty selecting an “U” word than not finding one.  Unique.  Unified.  Utilizing.  Uncommon.   Unicorn.  Ugh…

But, one important thing that I have really worked on learning, is the usefulness of looking at your product or service inside-out. As much time as is invested in the passion of a product or service, if it is not useful to anyone else, it isn’t worth anything to anyone else.

Passion does not make money.

Here are several things that I think may help you find the usefulness of your business and will tell you which of your passions are useful to your clients or customer base:

  1. Analyze your business model canvas – the New Year is a great time to refocus.
  2. Look at which services [or product] are getting the most attention.  More so, take count of which services you are being hired by clients to do most frequently or which products sell the most.  You may need to concentrate on a different service or product.
  3. Consider seeking a fellow entrepreneur or mentor to share their perspective about your products, branding, customer service, etc.
  4. Be productive and organized with your processes so you can use your time to maintain and create useful products or services.

Well, fellow mogul, go out the and be useful.


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“YOU are the interracial part of your prosperity.” Darla #beuseful  @SocialMarketLLC

“Passion does not make money.” Darla #beuseful #ImbeddedMogul @SocialMarketLLC

Are your services or products useful to your client base?  #ImbeddedMogul @SocialMarketLLC

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