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Spring is here !  The season of transformation.  The season of new life.  The passing of hibernation transforming into a season of producing.  It is the perfect time to dream!  It is the perfect time to reclaim and redefine professional and personal use of time and space.

Taking a tip from Mother Nature, whether you are an artist, an entrepreneur, a marketer, a hobbyist [or visit random blogs sites like mine], it is the perfect time to write about… productivity!!

After working in the Professional Organizing field the last several years, I became intrigued with the concept [and field of] productivity — I’ve even created a Productivity Board on Pinterest!

Did you know?  You can be a Certified Productivity Specialist?  I always knew you could be productive… I didn’t know you could be professionally productive – but, you can!  You can follow Productivity Experts like Shannon McGinnis and Janet Valette.  You can even participate in productivity programs from experts like Laura StackRoz Howland and David Allen.  NOTE:  Although, you want to maintain self-management strategies to make sure you are not being anti-productive with your own time while looking into new concepts… it is easy to loose time, energy and drive, even with the best of intentions!

Anyway, I recently came across the “Five Simple Steps that Apply Order to Chaos” from GTD (Getting Things Done) and I’d love to share them with you!  To get you rolling with a productive personal and professional life, David Allen suggests these steps to productivity:

CAPTURE  |  Collect what has your attention

CLARIFY  |  Process what it means

ORGANIZE  |  Put it where it belongs

REFLECT  |  Review frequently

ENGAGE  |  Simply do

Love it!  Whether this is a “regular” work week for you or you are balancing work and your kids’ Spring Break, following this simple process of being productive will help you in the office and at home.

TIP:  Use these steps as training wheels… practice these steps with your kids.  Whether with house work, school work, interests or keeping order to chaos on vacation – practice always makes permanent!!  Practice together… that’s productivity at work, literally!

Happy Easter.

Happy Spring.

Happy Productivity!!

Happy Darla

2 thoughts on “PRODUCTIVITY TIPS

  1. Hey Darla,
    Thanks for the shout-out!
    Love your tip, warning people not to let the search for being more productive turn into an exercise in procrastination itself!!


    1. Thank so much for stopping by and for sharing your expertise! Especially with a creative mind, I really have to be consistence of my planning process… sometimes, not so productive. Again, thanks. I appreciate the comment! Darla


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