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Sometimes, Simple is Better

I love getting my morning email from Blog Lovin’.  I wish I had more time to read the thoughts of other writers and marketers.

Today, I came across several articles by Sophie, owner of O My Clumsy Heart.  On her blog, The Private Life of a Girl, she shared 23 Practical Self-Improvement Tips.  Do you know why I loved this post?  It was a list!  I am a very wordy writer at heart, yet I love simple and sometimes – simple is better.

Just a thought,

Have a simple and productive week where you are!


P.S.  If you would like to see some of the articles I love from Blog Lovin’, like the one mentioned above, visit me on Pinterest!  You may especially be interested in these boards… they are some of my favorite:

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If you have an article you’d like me to add to a Pinterest board, please leave me the link!



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