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What do I do now?

So, everything about starting your own business was appealing to you:  stepping out on your own two feet, following your dreams, doing what you like doing the most, supporting yourself, setting your own hours… setting your own prices???

Have you ever worked long and hard on pricing and everything looks great… until you have a client?  Every strategy and long hours of work may look great on paper and in theory – but, it looks differently after you’ve meet with the client and the work is real!!!

Especially if the work you love to do is inconstant, an ever-changing industry or project-based, settling on a quote can change from client to client or week to week.  So, how do you quote a project you’ve never tried before?  My number one suggestion:  always allow yourself more time in the end to accomplish what you want to do.  Inevitability new things will creep into your project that you didn’t consider, think of or anticipate.  Be fair to yourself, your talents and your client’s time!

One suggestion I like from freelance Content Manager April Greer is “to break projects into small chunks”.  I tend to be an all-or-nothing type of gal, so this is a difficult pill of theory for me to follow.  But, it is great advice and may protect you from lost time, lost income and lost clients in the end!

For more advice about quoting a client, I suggestion you take a look at this article from Millo!!  Do you have any helpful tips?  I’d love for you to share them below!

Happy Entrepreneurship!!


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