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Do uoy see it?

I love what I do…

I love design.  I love knitting words together.

However, let’s just say, English class was not a breeze for me (it may show once and awhile in my unedited posts).  I remember constantly being told not to intertwine past and present tenses.  I remember always getting marks on my masterpieces for using run-on sentences, paragraphs that were too long or always ending up referring to something I didn’t mean to.  I yearned to be able to successfully communicate through written word.

It isn’t often, but it is sort of “fun” when I recognize others making the same errors.  Today, I read an article about treating under-eye bags successfully in Allure magazine.  Here is what tip #3 said:

“TRIGGER:  Bloat.  Sleeping on a thin pillow-or no pillow- causes fluid to pool around the eyes.  (Side sleepers may even notice a heavier bag under the eye closest to the pillow.)

BEST DEFENSE:  Start with a thicker pillow, preferably one made of contoured memory foam.  If you still wake up with puffiness, shrink it with a splash of cold water followed by a caffeine-based cream that’s been chilled in the refrigerator…”

Did you see it??  Let me paraphrase what I read:  ‘When you sleep, use a thicker pillow.  If you wake up with puffiness, shrink the pillow!’

So, this isn’t high school and I’m not “picking” on another writer – only quoting this article to emphasis that when we work, [especially in creative fields], it is easy to create and edit content so much that we take for granted that what was intended to be communicated… is actually what is being communicated.

I don’t have an editor for this blog – yet.  So, I am claiming this as a reminder to myself (as-well) to have another pair of eyes look at my work.  Especially when representing a client (or if you reading this and are an entrepreneur creating marketing materials), having someone who understands your style of writing, sense of design and viewpoint look at your work [before submitting spec work or final drafts for publication] is important.

Good luck this week… and remember — don’t shrink your pillows!

A good night sleep is important too! 


Did you see it??  

Yes!!  I did spell “you” backwards in the title – on purpose… just a visual example to stress my analogy.  If you didn’t notice, be sure to use spell check when you write!

Image courtesy of KaBoomPics. Thanks, KaBoomPics!

3 thoughts on “Do uoy see it?

  1. Darla,
    It’s so true how often our intented meaning is skewed when we write it down. Having Deaf* parents I was raised using American Sign Language (ASL), I may at times write in an ASL order, which would look more like how French or Spanish is in written form.

    I enjoyed reading your blog!

    *Deaf capitalized denotes a cultural view, whereas deaf refers to a medical issue.

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    1. Dinah, I didn’t know that! I love writing… now. As an adult, I am able to make writing more of an art form than a lesson. However, without learning those lessons from Mr. Blackburn in high school, I wouldn’t have the constant reminders of what is proper (from the ones I remember). I have an undiagnosed learning disability (not dyslexia), so I totally understand when brains function one way naturally and culture expects or doesn’t value it function if it is different. Communication can be frustrating, especially if we struggle communicating with ourselves at times. HA! Thank you for sharing and for following me!! Have a great week!


  2. I think about this post often. — This morning, I was reading a Lifehack post titled “10 Things Highly Productive People Don’t Do”. (It is a great article and I highly recommend its tips, they are very good.) However, I found it ironic that Tip #10 [“They Don’t Multitask”] reads: “It has been said a lot but I don’t mind saying it again: your brain, my brain and everyone’s brain is not designed for multitasking. Ffocus on one thing at a time and you will get things done faster and be more effective.” — Just another reminder to “Ffocus”, people! 🙂 P.S. Here is the link to this great advice:


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