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“I Can’t” and “I’m Bored” are Bad Words

I was recently posting on Facebook about a Creative Live class I signed up for.  I’m not too familiar with the specialist conducting the course, so to protect myself from an ignorant recommendation, I added, “You can always learn something from everything.”  And, that lead me here…

I love that phrase!!  It has always been my philosophy.  In every situation, you can learn something.  You are lying to yourself you are creating an inability that probably wasn’t there to begin with when you say, “I can’t”.

In every situation, you can learn something!!  It may be that you learn something beneficial or you may learn from someone else’s mistakes.  You may learn a skill or you may learn what you don’t like.  You may learn more about yourself or you may learn something about someone else.  You may learn something that will change your prospective or later protect you.

“What ever situation you are in, you can always learn something:

something negative or something positive.”

Darla D. Hancock

As I always tell my kiddos, “I’m bored” is a “bad word”.  The only person who is responsible for something being boring is you, your perspective of the situation and your ability to do something about it.  If you are “the b-word”, then you are choosing to be less active than the very thing you are detesting in the first place.

Whether you are an entrepreneur or writer/designer for Social Media, always have an open mind… and, always be aware of what influence or perspective you are leaving with your clients, employees or readers.

That’s my thought of the day and thanks for reading!

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