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How you do’n?

I have my favorite go-tos when it comes to educating myself on the ever-changing world of communication, marketing and social media (like Neil Patel, Social Media ExaminerMarie Forleo and Entreprenuer).  This morning, I was reading an article from Indispensable Marketing (another go-to).  He was writing about the five biggest marketing mistakes that small companies tend to make.  He made this point and I really liked it!!  Patrick wrote,

…this mistake often occurs at networking events when small business owners or employees are asked, “So, what do you do?” or “Tell me about your company.”

The typical bland response for many is to say – “I’m in the cleaning business, I’m an consultant, I’m a plumbing contractor or I’m a account specialist.”

Your response needs to communicate and capture what you do, who you help and the results they get.


“I show sales reps how to close more deals.”

“I help young couples retire rich.”

“I teach divorced women how to manage money.”

“I give wealthy individuals peace of mind.”

Makes you think, huh?  So… what do you do??  Who are you?  You aren’t just a TITLE – you are someone making an impact on those around you and in the industry you are in.

Make it a good day – make today count!

Thanks, Patrick McFadden!!

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