Think a little!

“Ideas are important. They’re the way society makes improvements. Sometimes the smallest of ideas can lead to great advancements. We all have ideas but the trouble is we often can’t foresee the long-term possibilities and we forget about them.”

Did you know March is International Ideas Month?  Neither did I!  Who thinks of such a thing… yesterday was “False Teeth Day”, Friday is “Earmuff’s Day” and next Monday is “Lip Appreciation Day”!  I’ll tell you who encourages us to celebrate weird and awkward things… people with ideas!!

Here are a couple tips for getting your idea-maker going:

Carry a small notebook

Have a note-making app on your phone

Try brainstorming with people who share a common purpose

However and whenever a brilliant idea pops into your head, be sure to make a note of it. “Then, before too much time passes, review your ideas and evaluate them. If they really are good ones, create an action plan and get started!”

So, where did I get this clever information?  Days of the Year  It is a fun spot to get eye-catching Social Media posts… depending on the personality of your client, of course.

What are some great ideas you’ve had?  I’d love for you to share them!!

Quote’s Resource: Days of the Year

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