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Tips for Starting a Social Media Campaign

Well, today is the day … “Ditch New Year’s Resolutions Day”.  There is a day for EVERY thing, isn’t there? 

It is no wonder resolutions are broken so quickly … because new habits can’t be formed that quickly!  Hopefully you’ve spent some time reflecting this month and maybe have a “theme”, “word for the year” or “resolution”.  Whatever you call it, planning for newness is the perfect beginning for making change.

In the same way, starting a social media campaign is not much different.  Here are some baby steps to starting:

Decide WHAT it is you want to say and WHO you want to say it to. 

This is a process.  So, first focus on specific types of content you want to represent you or your business.  If you have worked on a Business Model Canvas and/or Pitch Deck, these will be very helpful in refining your voice.

Helpful Tip:  You may have different messages to different audiences within the same platform.  But!  Your mission and voice should remain the same.

COMMIT to your aesthetics and voice.

Hold your horses!!  Before you start posting and creating your digital branding, you’ll want to be sure to create content that looks the same and sounds the same.  It is VERY important to use similar filters on images, fonts and colors (that match/compliment your logo), etc.

Helpful Tip:  Take a couple minutes while watching TV tonight and scroll through accounts you follow.  Make observations about what you like and don’t like… then, use those observations to help create the content you want to represent you.

When creating written content, practice using the same type of phrasing, sense of humor, mission, hashtags, etc.  If you have extra content that may not match your brand, use it in your Facebook/Instagram “stories”, not onto your feed.  This will keep your message consistent and make you more valuable to your followers.

Helpful Tip:  I encourage you to use Canva, if you aren’t already.  It took me years to log on… why did I wait!?!  You can open a FREE account at  It is simple to create templates that are easy to duplicate similar looking content.

Implement a PLAN.

I suggest creating content for several weeks or a month at a time.  As you are creating images and text, I highly suggest creating a yearly calendar, giving each month a theme that creates movement and interest in your content.  A calendar also will assist in keeping you accountable and reward milestones.

To do this, I document all my content on a spreadsheet.  I’m sure there are specialized apps/platforms to organize content, but I find Google Spreadsheets are convenient and easy to use.  Be sure to record (columns) time, date, type of content, written content, images used and hashtags.  Recording planned and shared content on a spreadsheet/calendar also helps you to be less likely to post too close to each other and/or too much time between posts.

Helpful Tip:  After you have posted for several weeks, you can begin using analytics to determine the most optimal time and day to post or which content to promote.  You will need to create patterns and consistent posting.  Having a calendar or spreadsheet will make these changes easier to implement.

Build a new IDENTITY.

As you build your brand, be sure to connect with others on your platforms.  Share content shared by others (but, not competition) and “mention” influencers in your posts to expand your audience.  This is called “Reputation Management”.

Remember, this process will take time, but you’ll get it.  Just remember, quality over quantity.  (Unless you are on Tik Tok.)  But, always aim to be consistent.

I hope these tips help you in creating a new (and/or improved) social media campaign for your start-up or small business … and help you create some new, beneficial habits that will connect you to a new audience and loyal customers.


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