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Tips to Find Your Focus

Yesterday, I was asked the question, “What things do you typically avoid doing?”  I didn’t “avoid” answering the question, I just didn’t have any answers.

Today, I sat down to re-prioritize the business tasks that I accomplish on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.  Although I do this quite frequently, I observed something new today and I thought I would share it with you.  Here is what I did and what I learned… try it with me!


Get your favorite pen and pad of paper.


Whether it is home, work, business, etc., start writing down all the tasks you can think of that apply to your focus.  Do not worry about categorizing or prioritizing, just write.


Read your list of tasks, then read it again.


Look at the last thing on your list.  Obviously, since this item came to your mind last, it isn’t a priority… or is it?  If you have listed a task last, it may mean that it is either not important OR that it is something you typically avoid doing.  But, it certainly doesn’t mean it isn’t a priority.


There is no thought that is important to you that does not hold value.  Maybe something on you list is something you’re not ready to think about yet.  Maybe it needs more thought.  Or, it needs to be forgiven.  Maybe be put on hold.  Maybe it needs to be given permission to grow.  Maybe it is something that makes you procrastinate for one reason or another.  Or, maybe it just slipped your mind and needs to be moved up on the priority list.   Maybe it’s time to create a little hocus-focus!

Do you have a tip for finding focus?  Share with me!


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