The Imbedded Mogul

TIM – Week 9.5

When I walked into the conference room, everyone in their places… judges and moguls. I made my way over to an empty chair and pulled out my notes, to highlight important words, just one more time…


Trying to respectfully listen to Eyvette and Lara as they present their passion and hard work, I couldn’t help but kept one eye and one ear on the presentations and the other on my notes.  I’ve dreamed of being a public speaker… so, why was I SO nervous?  Well, [1] I’ve really spoken to no more than a couple of groups as of recent. [2] This was my company!  I wanted to say the most important things, not cluttering up my presentation with extra ideas and intentions that didn’t belong.  I worked so diligently on funneling my purpose and services… it was time to put it into play.  That was pressure… that was nerves.

Well… my turn came.  Eyvette and Lara did great and it was my turn.  They survived… so could I, right?

While Lara was finishing up her answers, we put my thumb drive in the laptop and I anticipated to see my first slide appear. But, NO!  Tonight was turning out just like a trip to a grocery store checkout line!!!  So… what did that mean?  PIZZA BREAK for everyone!!!

Tanner was a trooper!!  While everyone (I think) welcomed a small break, Tanner grabbed a thumb drive, ran to his office and downloaded the email attachment I sent him before I left home.

Comfortably, I took my place.  “Hello, my name is Darla Hancock and I am the solopreneur at The Social Market, LLC.”  I talked.  I stumbled over my words.  I looked at my notes.  I flipped from slide to slide with the fun little clicker.  And, did I mention I stumbled over my words?  I think I did that a lot.

Thankfully, I didn’t mix up notes until the end, when I was planning to just talk about the information from the slides.  So, after a moment of terrified pause, I saw Thaddeus’ “five minute sign”… five more minutes?!?  I didn’t think that I would talk for ten minutes total!  While finishing my presentation, I thought, “I hope that something I said was as interesting to someone else that it was to me.”

After I grabbed a piece of MaMa’s pizza, Tammi and Coretta made their presentations and I tweeted away.

Not a stress-free night, but well worth all the work!  I have learned SO much over the last 9 weeks… I can’t imagine where I would be as an entrepreneur without the Start Smart program, the foresight of Thaddeus and Tanner, the support of other focused moguls and the numerous professionals who gave of their time and expertise to contribute each week.

No homework.

Well, except for making alterations to all of the pieces [cleaning up my website content, refining my remarketing plan, refinement of my offered services, office procedures, etc.] that I observed while putting together my Pitch Deck.

The intimidation that came with this process has resulted in a great feeling of accomplishment and a more optimistic view of the future.

Next week, look for some tweets!  Who will win the Pitch Deck competition?  We’ll have to wait and see.  Until then,

…have a successful week doing what you love to do,

Darla @SocialMarketLLC

AKA The Imbedded Mogul

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