Life Learner · The Imbedded Mogul

TIM – Week 9


Tonight was a really neat experience!  I wasn’t able to take notes… I was a bit distracted.

This session was the turning point… from professional training to our Pitch Deck competition. The last several months of learning, what to do, what not to do, what we want to do and what we don’t want to do… several of us [moguls] presented our businesses to six judges and others in the class.

I did my homework the entire class.  But, unfortunately, I didn’t understand how the Pitch Deck slides and content corresponded to the weekly emphasis and homework.  I’m not sure how I didn’t get that connection.  But, it may not have been the inconvenience I thought it was…

…over the last week, I spent 20 hours making my Power Point slides and creating the specific information to go with each slide.  I realized how difficult it is for someone passionate about something [like an entrepreneur], bubbling over with ideas and dreams… to reign in creativity and hopefulness to create a refined, realistic and successful business concept… then, put it into action!!

Working right up to the minute I had to leave.  Quickly working to print my judge slides… only to realize my kids had used all my copy paper!!  So, I saved my presentation and notes on my thumb drive and emailed it to myself (just in case) again.

When I arrived at BizWorks, I printed my notes from my office computer and began making copies for the judges from the email I sent myself.  Thankful that Tanner came to the copy room, because in my nerved-state… I told the printer to print “71” copies – instead of “7”.  YIKES!  My presentation HAD to go better than the last hour, right??



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