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Business Planning

As I continue to work on building my business, I’m beginning to learn more and more that planning to a creative is MUCH different than planning to a “business person”.  AND, I have learned that all of the things that I LOVE to “PLAN” aren’t really what makes up the foundation of a successful business.

Last week, I worked on my Business Model Canvas with sticky notes was somewhat confident in my work – I was able to write down things that I have mostly already thought about.  However, taking that information and writing it in sentence form, more like a business plan, made me really think inside each of those aspects.

If I’m being totally honest, I think my biggest challenges at this point are:

3. Recognizing why I am different from other contractors or businesses offering my services, put it into word and into practice!

2. Recognizing my worth is more than I probably give myself credit for and having insight into what other contractors in my industry charge for similar work.

2. Recognizing my use of time.  Just replying to emails, deleting emails, organizing emails, keeping track of client activity, sending out a tweet or writing a post ALWAYS takes longer than I think it is going to!

1. Recognizing that being organizing and making systems for everything doesn’t necessarily build my business.  I need to recognize what may not need the time investment of creating a system, list, etc.and use it on the “real” business end of building a solid small business.

Are you a soloperneur?  What are your greatest struggles, concerns or battles?  I’d love for you to share with me!


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