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Learn, Learn, Learn, Learn…. Earn!

Being a self-motivated, independent contractor is much like playing duck-duck-goose, for several reasons.  One, repeating what you do over and over and over will eventually get you the goose… or in our case, paid!! Graphic design and social media are continually changing mediums.  Although they may resemble sitting ducks, be ready… because, just as you get comfortable… GOOSE!!  Time to learn to earn. So, without being in school, how do you stay connected with the ever-changing world of design and marketing?

One resource that a dear friend [and extremely talented] professional photographer, Korie Nordstrom, told me about has been an incredible resource for me!  I am definitely a fan and advocate of the Creative Live broadcasts.  Although Creative Live is primarily an on-line resource for creatives, I think their courses are perfect for entrepreneurs, despite their industry.  And, if you catch courses before they air for the first time, you can watch them for FREE!  I have not watched or listened to a course that I haven’t learned something incredible from.

Yesterday, I listened to Tiffany Han‘s presentation “Social Media Sanity: How to Manage your Time on Social Media“.  She had so many things to say that reiterated what I am doing is right and talked about things that are a bit new to me.  She talked about beneficial WordPress plug-ins, batch posting, social media platforms, priority and goal setting, using brand words, hashtags, promotions, etc.

If you were to tell someone in content management or marketing your favorite piece of advice, what would it be?  I would love to hear from you!



More about Creative Live:


How do you learn about Creative Live’s broadcasts and courses?  Once you RSVP for a course, you should receive informative emails about upcoming courses.

Can you watch something right now?  If there is a live broadcast, sure thing!  Just register as a user and visit their blog page.  There you’ll see a blue “Watch Live” button at the top of the page – click the blue button and see what they are offering!


I love what I do: graphic design and written communication via content management (and, I love that I work from my home office).  I am also fortunate that I love to learn.  Well, good thing I like to learn…

Learning = Earning

Image courtesy of Thane Keller. Thanks, Thane!  


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