Potential Waiting to Happen


THE SOCIAL MARKET is a personalized content marketing and coaching service designed to build the brand of your company.

“I love my role because it has allowed me to pull from my background in theater.  For each new company or client I work with, I am given a new acting role.  I study to develop the voice of a character that will reflect the organization or person I am representing.   I take great pleasure & responsibility in researching each industry, learn its personality and characteristics.”  DDH

By cleverly creating unique content, educating about the importance and usability of social media platforms, and a building a system to achieve productivity, we can effectively utilize social media to maintain your present client base and grow potential customers and audiences.

The social market is huge and growing every day!  As a sole-contractor, I have the flexibility to work with your company’s needs to get you up-to-date and productive in your marketing endevours.

What services do I offer to assist you in achieving a more aggressive social engagement and work at extending your reach to potential customers?


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