What I Do


Consulting Services  |  With every client having varying backgrounds, industries and needs, sometimes pinpointing what services you really need takes time.  With one-on-one consultations, we can brainstorm, troubleshoot and decide what services will enable you to be productive and your company to live social.

Content Marketer  |  Develops relevant [written + visual] content that becomes an invaluable voice to the overall marketing strategy, communicating & attracting social followers.

Productivity Coach  |  Assists you in the process of identifying a purpose, goal setting, and analyzing desired results [for social media] by developing customized, organizational and system strategies.

Social Media Planner  |  Initiates a personalized strategy to integrate industry knowledge, brand identity & use of [written + visual] content to plan an effective on-line [social media] presence.

Social Media Analyst  |  Observes the on-line activity of a particular client by tracking analytics [measuring effectiveness & efficiency of content].  Provides insight suggestions for improved plans towards reaching objectives.

eMarketing  |  Connecting with current and potential clients is a necessity… and reaching them in their mailbox is one of the best places to build relationship and lasting impressions.  E-mail marketing services offer your company various options for sending emails, newsletters and integration with your website, blog or office platforms.

What packages do I offer??  CLICK HERE

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