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The Perspective from a Back Seat Driver

I’ve had a little practice – at being a backseat driver.  This is because I have a sixteen-year-old that likes driving… a lot.  And, I have a thirteen-year-old who loves sitting in the front seat beside her older sister.  (Yes, that puts me, mom, in the back seat.  I don’t mind.  These moments will soon pass and, now that I can, I’m happy to give up my front seat for a spectator seat once and a while.)

Tonight as I rode in the backseat, instead of directing and redirecting, I was actually able to close my eyes and relax.  Although, this moment only lasted for about twenty-seconds (max).  As I listened to busy conversations and watched their interactions, I found it interesting how my daughters’ interaction and experience reflect how I see my partnership with my clients.  Here is what my twenty-seconds of observation and application brought to me:


My sixteen-year-old recently acquired her driver’s license and loves the freedom and independence that driving gives her.  My thirteen-year-old loves sitting in the front seat while her older sister drives.  You can tell that she respects her older sister and looks up to her.  She wants to join in the independence and be apart of the new experience.


My clients drive their businesses.  They know where they are going.  They have practiced and done their due-diligence that allows them to grow their passions.  I, on the other hand, get asked to sit in the passenger’s seat and go for the ride!  I know what buttons I can be responsible for (my thirteen-year-old is especially fond of the radio).  I can adjust the temperature and direct conversation if needed.  I point out things that I observe in passing that the driver may not have seen because their attention is on the road.  My purpose for taking the trip may be different, but we are going the same direction and my presence contributes greatly to the ride.

That’s my weekly tidbit! 

I hope you are inspired to look at situations as an opportunity to see how you fit into your leadership or professional role.  By the way, tonight I also noticed that my thirteen-year-old holds on to the grab-handle above the door window.  I’m not sure why, but I like to think she is excited about being along for the ride!

Hold on, enjoy your ride and have a productive week!


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IMAGE (not my daughters) by Free Photos CC

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