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Beginner’s Guide: A Tip for Maximizing Your Own Social Media Platforms

When building your social media platforms, you may enjoy creating your own content or connecting with your audience.  Or, you may despise social media and avoid it all together!!  I’m here to tell you that you may have more resources than you think to get started.

Do you relate to one of these situations?

  • You don’t consider marketing (or social media) your skill set
  • You don’t have the time to invest in an active platform
  • You are a one-man show
  • You have an associate or employees, but they aren’t able to handle a marketing/social media campaign

Well, if you related to any of those situations above, this post will be a great resource for recognizing your best skill set and consider sharing tasks with employees, interns or volunteers.  Or, outsourcing to a specialized freelance curator – like me!

TIP!  To begin branding your company on a social media platform, manage what you can successfully contribute to your social media platform, then build a team around you fill in the rest!

Content Marketing as a whole can be an overwhelming and very time-consuming process.  So, I have broken down some skills and tasks into 4 categories… take a look at how these skills can be to integrated and matched with skillsets to help build active social media platforms:

SKILL:  Writing

“Content Curator”

  • Researching and following other companies, blogs, social media platforms and monitoring trending topics your target audience would tend to follow
  • Share other content that your audience would be interested in
  • Share information about your company, like:  links to website, blog, podcasts, etc.

SKILL:  Design

“Content Creator”

  • Create images that communicate your company’s brand, voice, and purpose
  • Create images that your audience will want to share
  • Create images such as:  memes, GIFs, quotes, videos or infographics

SKILL:  Networking

“Community Manager”

  • Use social media as a tool for “customer service”
  • Use social media to engage with the audience by interacting directly through actions like:  following, liking, retweeting, replying, commenting and direct messaging
  • Return the favor of a sharing content your audience posts/tweets with your audience
  • Mention influencers and followers
  • Encourage followers to share your content

SKILL:  Leadership or Organizational Skills

“Social Media Manager”

  • Create profiles on platforms
  • Strategize as to what content is best to post and when
  • Analyze your online audience and know who they are
  • Develop hashtags and keywords – and use them consistently in content

REMEMBER!!!  The reason your company needs to create creative, consistent and relevant social media platforms is to connect with your digital audience and develop relationships with them.  Obviously, the main objective of investing time and money in content/managing platforms is to promote your brand… but, if this is the message you are sending, your platforms will not grow.

I hope this simplification of Content Marketing (social media) allows you to start (or continue) work on growing your social market in the best way that fits you!  Start doing the one thing that matches your skillset the most, then share the others!

Enjoy the journey!!


i ❤ content

©2017 Darla D Hancock, The Social Market, LLC

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