World Smile Day

These things make me smile…
  • Fresh orange juice, not from frozen concentrate.
  • An encouraging word.
  • Driving down the road and a symphonic selection of an actual CLASSICAL saxophone is played on the radio.
  • An unexpected break.
  • My daughter’s smile when I actually remember words to a song.
  • An extra shot of espresso in my half-caff Americano.
  • Appreciated surprises.
  • Watching someone put a pause in their busy day to go out of their way to help an elderly person in a parking lot.
  • Sprinkle.
  • Typing words back-to-back and watching them create a story.
  • A soft blanket and a good nap, while a televised football game softly plays in the background.
  • Blending yellow and blue finger paints together to make green.
  • A new client.
  • A happy client.
  • Getting a magazine in the mailbox.
  • An unexpected break.
  • Cherry coke.
What makes you smile?



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