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Time to Make the Donuts

This morning, I read the following Facebook post from a friend.  I had to share it with you (after asking their permission, of course)!!

Wendy’s post…


“This is how our kids learn about common pop culture references from our day…

B: (rolling out of bed) “Time to make the doughnuts.”

M: (walking into our room and overhearing) “Doughnuts??”

B: “Yes. Just google ‘time to make the doughnuts’.”

M: (Less than a minute later, reading from his phone in a sarcastic, but enthusiastic, tone.)  “Meaning, ‘to start work’. From the Dunkin Doughnuts, where the man who makes the doughnuts would state, ‘Time to make the doughnuts’ when leaving home for work to make the doughnuts.”

I laughed out loud hearing him! Fun little blast from the past given to my boy today.”

– Ben and Wendy Bruce


Each morning, roll out of bed. Have a positive attitude. Be ready to face the world. And, always be sure there is “time to make the donuts”. You never know who you will inspire!!


Thanks for sharing this fun convo, Wendy!!!


TWEET:  What lesson can you learn from a seventh grader? #AskQuestions #FindAnswers

Image:  If this image is not Creative Commons, please email me at and I will promptly remove it… otherwise, thanks for the inspiration, Michael Vale!!

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