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Sunshine on a Rainy Day

2017 is in full bloom… it is now April and my Tuesday blog has been as vacant as sunshine on a rainy day.  But, the optimistic view is that “April showers bring May flowers”, right?  I suppose there is something very transparent when I decided to write my “17 Reasons” series in “real time”.  I didn’t anticipate I would be writing about not writing — but, sometimes “real” things get in the way… sometimes “time” gets in the way… sometimes, both.

Several weeks ago, I really battled with how to continue with my “17 Reasons” series.  In true melancholy manner, the only option was to continue to working through reasons why it is important to capture a social market, but at the same time, I was really battling with my own Business Model Canvas as I continued to write.

I consulted with Tanner Collins, a small business expert.  And, as experts do, he made a highly reasonable and interesting suggestion:  why not continue to work through the “17 Reasons” series, but rework my BMC at the same time – sharing my working process on my blog.

Well, it took some time for me to process what seemed to be a big change of direction and purpose for this series.  But then I came to realize the purpose of my blog, my website and my business is exactly that — helping people through the process of their growing company, at the same time, establishing, embellishing and voicing their purpose to their social market.

Hashtag brilliance!!

During this last month, I have continued to think about the new direction of my “17 Reasons” series.  And writing this post, I considered backdating this post because I really didn’t like the fact that much of my fist 17 weeks have past, leaving an empty hole on my blog.  But, this needs to remain where it is — real time.

I think that it may be a good remember to everyone that life decisions and business plans will not look the same as you are inspired, as you grow and as your company evolves.  Sometimes, there are gaps in focus and direction.  Sometimes you need to refocus and redirect.

As far as changing my original intentions… it is uncomfortable and makes me apprehensive.  But, changes worth making can only bring end results that I could not have imaged… like, rain on a sunny day!

Maybe it isn’t change…  I’ll consider it progress!

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