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Kiss My Brain

When I was teaching art and music in the early childhood classroom, there was a phrase that was used frequently by the classroom teachers… “kiss-your-brain”.  Lately, I have found a thinker-toy that allows me to organize, focus and challenge my mind…


Almost every night, I see how many of these puzzles I can conquer.  Even though I end up procrastinating on tasks that need to be accomplished, watch less HGTV and get fewer zzz’s, I figure it isn’t the worse use of my time!

SIDE NOTE:  For this non-number-girl, there are some serious “kiss my brain” moments!

To justify my newfound hobby, I was wondering if there are benefits from “playing” these puzzles?  I found many reasons Sudoku puzzles help sharpen the brain, but I thought I’d share these six LifeHack reasons that Sudoku sharpens the brain:

  1. Improves your memory
  2. Stimulates your mind
  3. Reduces the chances of developing Alzheimers
  4. Learns to do things quickly
  5. Increases your concentration power
  6. Feel happy

What are some ways that you use to sharpen your brain, personally or professionally?  Share with me!


Reasons from:  Level Up Your Brain Power with Suduko by Brian Lee via LifeHack

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