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Who is “The Imbedded Mogul”?

That is me!!!

It started!  I’ve started!!  This is when I can start saying, “Yes, I do have a business.”  Not, “I have a ‘business’?”

Tonight, I walked in the door at 6:30 – on the dot!  Nothing like being right on time!  (I suppose, if I am going to “Start Smart”, I have to get together my time management.)  Anyway, I was greeted by Doug Carleton.  Do you know Doug Carleton?  You cannot say “hello” without smiling!  He invited me to grab a nametag and then I found a seat for the night.  At each seat, they already had fun bags filled with goodies waiting for each participant.  (My favorite part was the pen.)

It is a small world, for sure!  After taking a quick glance at the nearly full room, I saw my neighbor!!  Seriously, why does it seem like I always see my neighbors when I am not at home!  Anyway, I waved across the room and then I said, “Hello” to Eyvette Turner from Create Xtremes who was sitting in front of me.  I got settled in with my iced coffee and began to type what you are reading now.

While we all began to talk and wait for the first session to begin, I realized that some of the participants noticed that the large conference table they were sitting at was facing backwards, so they could not put their legs under the table.  A couple of spinning tables later, some laughs and a lot of teamwork… I knew this was going to be a great community!

Well, at this point, my laptop warned me that my “charged computer” (that I specifically charged ahead of time so I could fulfill my “Imbedded Mogul” duties) was at 10%.  What?  So, lesson learned.

Next time, when I pick up the laptop and think to myself, “I won’t need the charger”… I will probably need the charger!  If I can read my handwriting, next time I will blog about what happened next and about some of the content, we talked about throughout the first session.

You can follow me at: @ImbeddedMogul.

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