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This afternoon, I headed into the grocery store to pick up a couple of things.

When I walked in through the front door, I quickly had to re-adjust my route because there was an abandoned cart in the middle of the walk way.  Right in front of the in-store bank, there was a lonely cart almost completely full of grocery items.  (I really never like seeing carts with groceries sitting around a store – whether it was is an unkind shopper or the inattention of an associate, it always tends to bug me.)   I got my apples and Gluten Free corn dogs for my kids.  And, when I checked out, thinking maybe it was a banker’s cart – it was still there!!!  With workers walking back and forth all around the cart, I couldn’t understand why someone’s abandoned shopping cart was left for everyone’s inconvenience and observation.  Well, I just went on with my day.

It wasn’t until later in the afternoon, did I hear an update on the hurricane approaching the East Coast of Virginia…

…the grocery cart!!!

It wasn’t an abandoned grocery cart left for visual frustration or inconvenience!  I think it was the pretty intelligent, out-of-the-box thinking of… someone.  I spent my whole shopping trip thinking about that cart full of gallons of water.  Although I didn’t buy any bottled water, batteries or candles while I was in the store, I wonder how many shoppers left the hurricane-obsessed news from the parking lot, caught attention of the cart and bought bottles of water they weren’t intending on buying?!

Just a reminder, marketing isn’t always about what you say… it may just be about where you put something that isn’t saying anything at all.

Thanks for the reminder, Joaqin.

Everyone stay prepared & safe!


Image courtesy of Unsplash. Thanks, Unsplash!


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