à la carte


Looking to open up shop or expand your reach, but don’t know what you need?  Take a look at a few of these services, put together a list and we can work on a à la carte quote!


Do you already have social media platforms, but need someone to effectively maintain them?

With expertise in writing, design and communication-I’m your gal!  Once we determine what your wants, needs and goals are, we can set you up with a plan that works for your company and grow your on-line presence!!

  • Create social media content to fit your industry
  • Create and maintain weekly social media posts
  • Create and/or maintain a monthly e-newsletter
  • Create a process of procedures for social media practices
  • Maintain analytic procedures for practices
  • Create and/or maintain report to record analytic insights, measure effectiveness, assist in providing solutions and reach objectives.

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Don’t have the resources or time to maintain a website or social media campaigns?

I can assist you in creating or revising content to fit your company’s needs, aesthetics and budget!

  • Develop or update WordPress basic design
  • Set-up a company blog, social media platforms, emailing systems, etc.
  • Develop or refine company branding
  • Create e-newsletter template
  • Write procedures manuals for office policies or step-by-stem guidelines for social media management

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Do you want to keep your marketing in-house, but don’t know where to start?

With a background in teaching—I’m your gal!

I’ll step in for a couple of weeks, teach someone in your office the ropes by creating content side-by-side and leave needed tools to carry on without the continuing expenses of hiring a consultant!!

Options for in-house consultations with you [the employer] or an employee to:

  • Develop a social media plan and a social media content template
  • Create an e-newsletter template
  • Create a personalized template for your company’s e-newsletter
  • Develop a step-by-step manual to maintain and produce following social media
  • Develop a step-by-step manual to maintain and produce following newsletters

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