The Imbedded Mogul


“Don’t try to be someone else or do what someone else is doing.”  Darla D Hancock, The Social Market LLC

That’s what is so neat about Start Smart… everyone has completely different passions, interests and abilities that you are reminded that there is room for each of us to pursue our interests and enough people to use our services or buy our products.

Fellow mogul, be original.


This post is the first of my ACROSTIC-MOGUL series?  To read more —> CLICK HERE


“Powerful people cannot be stationary.” Darla #beamover #areuserious @SocialMarketLLC

“Entrepreneurs cannot anticipate failure.” Darla #beamover #areuserious @SocialMarketLLC

“Determination is a choice that produces outcome.” Darla D Hancock #ImbeddedMogul @SocialMarketLLC

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