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On of my daughters is learning percussion in middle school.  Yesterday, I was helping her with a new piece of music.  It is second-nature for me to count, I recited, “one-two-three-and-four, one-two-and-three-and-four”… as she stared at me with overwhelmed eyes.

It was then, (helping her count a new rhythm [that she was unfamiliar with] so she could take it from counting to playing the xylophone), that I thought about how important dissecting knowledge is to [teaching or] coaching – sight reading and performing do not happen at the same time!  Right?  I realized that the majority of clients and potential clients come to me as “social media sight readers” ready to take the stage, but need a little help with the basics to get there!

Now, to me, these technical pieces of building a business or place on the internet marketplace, are somewhat automatic.  Just as I counted “one-two-three-and-four,” working on social media is almost as natural.  But, just because it is to me — does NOT mean the same for others!

Remembering, especially in a service-focused industry, you can’t assume you know what your client knows or needs.

So… let’s make a difference in someone’s productivity, knowledge and customer reach today!

1, 2, 3, 4 – GO!


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